Why I Believe In Destiny

Destiny always carries a certain bit of religion with it and a lot of times that is what causes the disbelief therein.  It is not my intention to change opinions but just to share my own.

I'll start by saying that yes, I am a spiritual person. No, I'm not a Christian. I'm something else.  That's really irrelevant here.  Simply understand that a lot of what I try to see is mixed with emotion and logic.  In my opinion these two things have brought me where I am.  Emotion is not completely unbelievable, but can be unreliable. Constant logic is without feeling and therefore skips an important part of who we really are...emotional beings.

I believe in destiny because I cannot think that all things are just by chance.  I cannot think that there is no order to the things and encounters on this planet.  All other things on the planet have order. Look at the hurricane.  It is chaos, but yet, it is collected and organized. There is always a pattern and an order.

The analogy that I give to people when I explain my point of view is this:  In Germany there is a teenager who will be a man in two years. He has great plans of going to America and to make a life there.

Thousands of miles away in Alaska, there is a Grizzly Bear being born who has never seen a human being.

At some point during the German man's trek to America, he visits Alaska and happens upon the, now adult, bear and the bear kills him. 

There are two points here that intersected.  Two free radicals, going along their paths, but at some point their lines would cross and tragedy would happen.  Is this chance, or death's plan? Is it chaos, or is it destiny?

I understand that either of these "A: The Bear"  "B: the Man" could have deviated from their line, but then, if they had done so, they would have intersected another line.  This is what I call "Plan B".

By the sheer number of creatures on this planet, not just humans, but all living things, it is, in my opinion, impossible to deviate your line far enough as not to intersect another creature's line. 

If one creates a line from a point on an X Axis and another from a point on a Y Axis, those two lines, no matter how long, will inevitably intersect one another.  It is a simple concept.

That's why I believe in destiny, because meeting someone or something is always in your future, your lines just haven't crossed yet.


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Very interesting.