I Am A Spoilt Obese 13 Year Old.

Hey before I start it is worth pointing out these things,
1. My entire family are fat or obese, here are their weights
Mom: 420lbs, Dad: 400lbs, Sister 16: 270lbs, Brother 10, 150lbs.
2. I have have always been overweight but started gaining at about 10 when I was about 110lbs because my cousin fed me to get me into it.
3. My house is full of food ( and I mean full, we even have 2 fridges!)
4. I broke my legs about 1.5 months ago and am in a wheelchair.
5. I am 305lbs, 5 foot 3 and 13.

I am 13 and 305lbs. I have been fat my whole entire life but in the last 3 years I have gained over 200lbs. I have always been spoiled but my mom and sister have (in the last 3 years) become much more babied and spoilt and fat!
I am also extremely lazy, even before my wheelchair I would never lift a finger in the house. I am now babied to the point where I have to wear adult diapers. But I am very spoilt, I have never ever been said no to, if I ask for a McDonalds, it will be given to me. If I want some bacon I will get it, if I can't be bothered to switch the TV on or the remote is on the table my mom will do it for me. I own an iPhone 4S, A gaming computer, An iPad 2, An iPod Touch, A Macbook air,A macbook pro, An iMac, 2 PS3's, an xbox 360 and tons of games to play on my living rooms 60 inch TV. So yes we are pretty wealthy but compared to me my siblings get nothing, I am the fat one, the special one, the king!
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Can you take pics of your awesome belly?

when im 15 im allowed but my idiot parents say no :(

Just do it in secret :/

Can i join your family they seem really cool!

Can I come live with you and be a new older brother

that would be awesome and my family would fatten you up until you were my weight lol but im not sure my parents would agree lol

haha ya I am 14 and weigh 230 right now but I want to fatten up so much it is not even funny

Would love to have family that wants me fatter! ;)

we could fatten eachother to immobility :)

ya man it would be awsome

just eat extreme amounts of food and play xbox

They love pampering me and fattening me, i and love being lazy!

i do that already lol

i think we r bros that were seperated at birth because u r just like me in every way just fatter

haha lucky

He is so lucky!

I am pretty lucky lol

but I am being serious about coming to live with you it would be Heaven

sorry but

I wish all my friends were huge and we pigged out together all the time!

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