I Like The Sound Of This.

I know it means a loss of control but hey. I would not care what kind of cute baby outfit I was placed in a little girls out fit would make me happier. And set around plush baby toys and stuff animals. To be feed from a bottle or breast feed would only be a plus. to be read bed time stories and just cuddle close to mommy or daddy. and if who ever was willing to baby me I would have no problem of waxing off all of my hair making me baby smooth.
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I know sigh...but I can wish too can't sniff...

Oh yes, but ask one question, can you afford and support yourself in this situation?<br />
Can you support and look after your mummy financially while she babies you 24/7?<br />
I live the life, but I also have to give back. I pay the rent, I pay the Nannies wages, She gets extra when babies come to visit.<br />
I pay the water bills, the telephone and internet bills and the electricity bills, Thats what it costs me to be the baby I am 24/7.<br />
This is the commitment it takes.