I'm Losing Control

I've been too good for too long. I am a sexual being in need of pleasure. I've always been faithful and he's great in every sense. He's been such a great friend to me and all these feelings that I've had for years are surfacing. Feels like  I might be falling for another man.

It's frustrating. I've been defeated, another man is tempting me. I never thought I could, never thought I would, but here I am considering having a physical affair. I've been short of having emotional affairs and up until recently I've only been in love once. Maybe it's time for a change.
Driven Driven
22-25, F
8 Responses Nov 9, 2006

I think the idea here is to decide if your current is worth keeping, if not, kick him to the curb and explore, but if you can't explore with your current, then he sure won;t be able to handle your exploring with others. Be honest, and if you can not be yourself with your partner, you need to re-evaluate.

Remember the difference between a one night stand and a love affair: a one night stand is when you meet someone, kiss, and have a very lustful time in the sack. A love affair is when you meet someone, kiss, have a very lustful time in the sack, and have something to talk about afterwards. Now I ask you, which do you want, since both have their 'ups and downs'. LOL

I'm with Celainn on this one. I'm lucky enough to be with someone who's not just a lover but a great friend too and I wouldn't want to wreck that for anything. Particularly not for another guy!

I disagree with my colleagues here...it sounds like you're ready to take a step into a new kind of experience...and I applaud your courage and desire for greater self-discovery. There is no defense for cheating, simply because it doesn't need one...some people just crave the experience and it has nothing to do with their partner.

Yeah, C is right...I don't think screwing around is going to help you. Find ways to make things hotter between you and your current before you go chasing some vague feeling you won't find. I think that most people have problems with sex because they are afraid to explore it; all of it. he might be some freak and you don't even know it...try and turn him on first before you start giving your body away to people who don't really care about you....because they don't, not like he does.

I think your taking the whole thing too seriously, Yo find other guys attractive? So **** them. Enjoy yourself. Don't be dishonest. Tell your beloved(s) what you're doing and why. If he's worthy of your love he'll be glad your having fun. If he wol deny you that pleasure, then he's not the man for you.<br />

It's a little bit of both... the sexual tension has always been there. I'm working hard at staying far from him.

What attracts you so much to the other person? Is it sexual? Is it mental?