This Ends Now!!!!!!

THIS ENDS NOW! I AM SICK,SICK,SICK OF READING HUMAN STORIES OF HOW YOU WANT TO BE BITTEN BY A WEREWOLF. ALL YOU WILL HAVE IS A WOUND! BEING A WEREWOLF HAS TO DO WITH GENETICS! IN OTHER WORDS,IT'S IN YOUR GENES!!!!!! You can NOT be bitten by a werewolf to become a werewolf! You ARE a human! That WON'T change! Be who YOU are! Do NOT envy what other creatures are! YOU were made in the perfect image, being a werewolf IS different,but that doesn't make them anymore better than you! You are both equal. Just different. Werewolves aren't above,or below you humans! You are BOTH equal! God loves you equally! So you can NOT get bitten to become a werewolf! Whatever the ******* media put up on websites that you can be bitten to become a werewolf,ARE WRONG! WEREWOLVES,WEREWOLVES tell you this people! THEY are the experts on THEIR kind not the ******* media!!!!!!!
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Redman and goldpaw I would like to bring something up about your argument first redman you say werewolves are human what do you mean by that do you mean that its like a mental change and not into a giant furry beast and gold paw when you say they are not do you mean they are not biologically human or do you think that they are the hulking wolf that others have described or if not what do you believe they look like ive also heard stories that the transformation is like the 2010 new series teen wolf where all that happens is your canines grow longer to be fangs and your nails become longer and pointed to be claws and that you get super heightened reflexes and senses along with advanced fast healing please discuss this along with your beliefs on the subject I would like to hear it

I mean biologically. Technically, they are not human. Yes, they inhabit a human body and have a human essence. But their gene that allows them to change, if even possible, separates them from your average everyday human.

So you believe the wolf transformation or a humanoid one

Werewolfs are human

No, they are not.

Yes most dna of a werewolf is human

This is the best thing iv ever read,well done to you.very well put
But thay will never listen.

Thank you. I know.

its easy for a werewolf to say that but to a human a werewolf is the very definition of freedom more strength more speed higher senses and faster healing than a human could ever hope to experience the raw unparalleled and unbridled power that is achieved by werewolves on the full moon that is why humans want to be werewolves to be something better than themselves

Then they need to get the fact that all creatures are equal.

True. Well said my friend, well said. :)

Thank you.

Welcome. :)

True but sadly they will never listen

I know. It aggravates me still.

It does get annoying at this point I'm about to add a note to my iPad that says its only genetic since I must say it so often so that I can just copy and paste it to save time



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So true and well said! They are told but they never listen.

Thank you and well said, my friend! ^^

Your welcome. I speak only the truth.


Thank you.

Well put