Daddy Knows Best

She lay on her bed, wearing nothing but her cotton panties, with her knees bent and legs spread. Her right hand rested on her mound, massaging her vulva gently, while her left hand squeezed her hard nipples. They stood up more than half an inch from her breasts - the result of daily suction with her nipple pump. Daddy liked them that way - long, pointy nipples.

She had met the man 6 months ago now - time had flown! At first she had resisted them, but gradually, she had come to accept that the man she affectionately called Daddy, knew better. She loved him, she worshipped him, she wanted to please him. She knew he loved her too. At her Daddy's insistence, she had began using the suction pump on her nipples, gradually lengthening them. She grabbed a handful of her small, pert breasts, loving the sensation of her palm rubbing against her erect nipple.

Her panties were already soaked. That was something else Daddy had an effect on - he made her take supplements that menopausal women took for vaginal dryness. The effect on her, being all of 21 years old, was dramatic. Her **** was constantly wet, and when she was fertile, her panties were practically dripping even when she wasn't aroused. She loved it.

She moaned as she continued massaging her *****, thinking of what had happened earlier. Daddy had spurted his thick, hot ***** inside her, and then plugged her with her cervical cap, to make sure that his ***** stayed next to her cervix, and that his ***** could only go into her womb. She thought about how much ***** she probably had in her womb right now - probably a lot! He made her wear the cervical cap after every bout of lovemaking, to make sure she got as much of his ***** into her womb. He had to make sure she was properly bred and that she was his *****.

The thought of her cervix resting in a pool of his ***** aroused her even more, and she let out a moan as she used a little more pressure on her ****, rubbing the wetness into her panties, which were soaked. Daddy had a rule - every day that they did not ****, she would have to ********** herself, making sure to rub herself through her panties so that they became full of her scent. She would then give these panties to him. At last she could take it no more, and removed her panties, so that she could spread her lips and stroke her ****. She arched her back, it wasnt long before her **** spasmed and she squirted a little jet of *** onto her bed. She lay, panting, on her bed, for a while, then turned over and fell asleep, Daddy's *** still in the cervical cap that still clung to her cervix.

The next day, she got to see her man again. Earlier, she had finally removed the cervical cap and washed her **** clean. Daddy did not like tasting his own *****. His ***** only belonged in her ***** and nowhere else, not even in her mouth. They greeted each other with a passionate kiss, and he led her inside.

He said, "You dont have any of my ***** inside you."
She replied, "No. But my womb is still full of your ***** - it will live inside me for days yet."
"Not good enough", he said, "you need another load."

Her **** was already dripping. She was fertile at the moment, which meant fertile cervical mucus had been leaking out of her **** the entire day. She had been awaiting with anticipation, the moment when she would finally be bred again. When she could submit to him, surrender to him, let him know that he owned her ****, he owned her womb. It belonged to him, and he could do with it what he wanted. Every time he pumped her full of his seed, he made sure that she was his ***** and that she belonged to him. It was a primal need that they both shared - he needed to plant his seed in her womb, and she was like a ***** on heat, needing to be ****** and bred by her stallion.

Once they were in the bedroom, he approached her from behind, reached up her skirt, and pulled her panties down. He started to massage her *****, while whispering into your ear.
"My **** is rock hard for you, I've been waiting for this the entire day. My balls are full of ***** - I'm going to bareback you and plant my seed in your womb. I'm going to bend you over and **** you like a *****. I can feel you want it, your **** is soaking."
She said, "I dont just want it, I need it. I need your hot load deep in my ****. I need it to stay inside my for the next day. I need you to own me and breed me. Make me your little **** again, please Daddy."
He slid his other hand up her shirt, feeling her pert breasts and erect nipples, feeling them rubbing against his palm. She moaned, feeling him rubbing her vulva, which was now opening as it swelled up, and her hard nipples.

He bent her over, exposing her aroused ****, and dropped his pants. With one hand holding the leash, he thrust into her, hard, pushing his **** in all the way. She moaned as she felt her **** contracted on his hard, swollen ****, feeling her **** stretch to accommodate him. She was short enough that he had to grab her hips and lift her hip - her feet dangled uselessly in the air. She could do nothing to stop him now - he was going to bareback her, and breed her, and her feet could not even reach the floor with him lifting her by the hips.

He began to **** her, hard and fast. He did not start gentle - neither could have waited for that. He slammed her hips against his, while thrusting his massive, hard **** in and out of her. Being powerless and out of control made her submit to her ****** completely - she could not hold on much longer. Her moans became louder and louder, as she felt that massive **** piston in and out of her. She was his ****, his *****, and now he was going to breed her.

She screamed, "Do it baby! Make me your **** - I want you to pump all of your seed into my fertile womb. Its waiting for you baby, my womb needs your *****. Pump your little girl full of your hot *****, cover my **** in your seed."

He could not hold back any longer, and pulled her hips close one last time, pushing his **** in as far as it would go. She felt his **** expand and pulse, knew it was going to be a big one. He orgasmed, pumping his hot seed into her. Because of the angle, she felt his ***** hit her cervix, and orgasmed instantly, thinking of her cervix being coated in his virile *****. Her **** clamped down on his ****, squeezing more ***** from it, as he emptied his balls into her. He had planted his seed in his little girl's womb. Her orgasmic contractions carried his ***** even deeper into her womb, joining the ***** that were already inside her.

He pulled out, and plugged her with the cervical cap. Then they sat down to have a quiet meal.
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Jul 13, 2013