Why I Want The Title "miss"

Mister... how utterly and completely dull. How officious and stiff. There is no mystery or magic in the title Mister. Mrs. is hardly any better. Its frumpy and boring. It indicates yes you are a woman of substance, the property and partner of some Mister perhaps but about as exciting as a wall painted white. Miss ahh there is a title. Its cute sexy and very feminine and that is who i am. Really if i had my way i would roll with Mademoiselle. In fact if you are a friend of mine please address me as Miss Jocelyn and if you truly want to make my panties wet Mademoiselle Jocelyn!
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3 Responses Aug 7, 2010

Mademoiselle Jocelyn, very nice commentary. Jessica wishes she could be called Miss also. It did happen a few times mistakenly while out with my wife. I'm small fr<x>amed and kept my hair long, so a waitress or sales clerk would approach us and say something like, "how can I help you ladies today?"<br />
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I loved it.<br />
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Mademoiselle Jocelyn, I believe you could use any name your hear desires on EP for a profile. I changed mine from it's original to Jessica Knight.<br />
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Hugs and kisses, Jessica

"may i help you ladies?" as good as any miss! although i go by ms.

haha i wonder if i could actually change my profile name to Miss Jocelyn? Could I Josie?

True, very true. Miss or Ma'am is soooooo much better for me tooo.