Called A Princess

Where I use to work, a female friend would always call me "princess". Not because she thought I was high maintenance but rather she knew I was fem.
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I so love it when a woman calls me an effeminate name. Even if I don't have panties on. Most times I do and I just melt.

You are so lucky! I would love to be called a princess! I also would love to be pampered like one! I think all of us girls would!

The choice of my ex and a neighbor many years back. I have to admit I liked it.

e una bellissima principessa che sei!

That is wicked!! Congrats!! What do your co-workers say / react?

This co-worker constantly teases me with regards to me being effeminate and I love it. My other co-workers don't say much to my face. Too bad, because I am completely open.

They probably do not know how to react. lol

you are a princess! so sweet, i wish I worked with you but I don't know how they'd feel about having two princesses! I think it's sweet!

It is a compliment to be called Ma'am, or Ms. Obviously a male who is feminine, has women's clothes and hairstyle does not want to be called Mr.<br />
Some people are insensitive or cruel. Some are actually afraid of offending by using the feminine titles.

That's kind of her, it should happen more often to other woMEN

That's wonderful for you princess<br />
Hugs<br />