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Called A Princess

Where I use to work, a female friend would always call me "princess". Not because she thought I was high maintenance but rather she knew I was fem.
StevieTV StevieTV 46-50, T 6 Responses Dec 15, 2011

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I so love it when a woman calls me an effeminate name. Even if I don't have panties on. Most times I do and I just melt.

The choice of my ex and a neighbor many years back. I have to admit I liked it.

e una bellissima principessa che sei!

That is wicked!! Congrats!! What do your co-workers say / react?

This co-worker constantly teases me with regards to me being effeminate and I love it. My other co-workers don't say much to my face. Too bad, because I am completely open.

They probably do not know how to react. lol

That's kind of her, it should happen more often to other woMEN

That's wonderful for you princess<br />
Hugs<br />