I Love Being Feminine.

I have been crossdressing since around 8 years old. I of course crammed those feelings, got married and have kids. My wife found out this summer that I want to dress and be with men. We are working on what to do, I am in therapy. But when I am in therapy and he has me say I AM A CROSSDRESSER it feels so right. I told my wife I don't like being masculine, so yes I want to be Regan more than Mike.
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You posted this in the fall. How is your progress so far Hun?

We are getting a divorce, I have come out to her, my kids, and my siblings that I am gay. My wife and siblings also know about the crossdressing. Wife and I are working it out for the kids. Kids accept that I am gay, aren't excited but accept me. SO hopefully will be moving out of the house this fall and start being as feminine as possible.

The first part of your life sounds just like mine! Good luck with your life!

yes Ragan you will be happier when dressed and if you and your wife can *** to terms she my find that there is some thing's in this for her. Like an opem merrage where Ragan has men as long as she's dressed and you wife has lover's of her liking maybe theres a part of her sexualaty that she needs to let out or maybe she want to say drive race cars. just love each other first and help each other to be happy. You may just get this one life so find happiness.

I do explain that in my heart I am a woman and have thought of surgery. We talked about how I would have felt as a kid if there was someone who told me I am o.k. and dressing is fine. I got a warm feeling over me that I have never felt before. I want to be dressed 24 x 7 and be a wife.

does he make you say 'I'm a woman" or I'm transgender"? cross dressing in and of itself is, IMHO, a fetish.