Caned In Front Of Schoolgirls

Miss Ironknickers

I was sent to an all girls school. That would be ok except I was a boy.

"For the first year you will dress in knickers only" the headmistress said

I looked shocked

"*****" my mother commanded

I removed shoes and socks and shirt. and stopped.

"and your shorts" said my mother

"i hope you have your knickers on" said headmistress

I removed my shorts

"parental request is that knickers not allowed"

"that means xtreme discipline at all times"

rules for xtreme discipline
1. complete nudity at all time
2. caning and spanking whenever needed
3. toilet privacy removed
4. bed to be shared with at least two others
muddyboy muddyboy
56-60, M
Jan 20, 2013