My Elastrator Play Story!

I've been banding for about 7 or 8 years now. I got interested after seeing some banding pictures at the BME (BodyModificationEzine) site and just knew I needed to get one! The neat story I have is also about when I bought mine.I live in pretty much a rural farming area so finding one was no problem. I went to the local Tractor & Farm Supply Store and picked out a bag of bands and the better locking pliers. When I went up to the check out the clerk was a young and fairly attractive girl. The first thing she said is "I know what those are for!", and then asked me if I was farm tax exempt. I said no that these were for a hobby. Little did she know that within 2 hours my sac would be banded!! I always wondered if maybe she suspected that guys would band themselves! I had already been chatting on messenger with a guy from BME that bands and he told me what to do and expect. The first band I put a loop of dental floss on to make sure I could lift it to get under it and cut it. Of course like the other stories here my excitement was overwhelming!! Especially not really knowing what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised that is was pretty nice feeling! It's all history after that first time! I had a guy that I used to band with on webcam. He would turn on his cam and band and I would do the same and see who would stay banded the longest. He wanted to be castrated so eventually he found a cutter and got his wish. I also had a Mistress online friend that I would band for on cam and she got off on me begging to cut the band before I was castrated for good! As for banding, I've multiple banded, banded each testicle individually and banded my penis. I also found a guy in the UK that wanted to get into banding but didn't know where to get one. I found a source for him not to far from where he lived and as a Thank You he sent me a bag of the orange bands. Can't seem to find them in the states. They are or seem a little stronger than the green ones. I'm always looking for fellow banders so I was happy and excited when I found this group! I'm going to put some of my pictures up to so enjoy them!
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I would really like to try banding and even have the equipment, but I just can't get my balls through the band when it is on the tool. I've tried taking a long soaking bath so that my sack loosens up, but it just seems that my balls are too big! Have you ever heard of this, or is there some sort of trick? Thanks!

Id love to band myself and go all the way. Another fantasy is to band my **** there is such a thing as constant blue balls you have the balls but you basically have the penectomy. Then ur constantly horny but cant do anything about it. Ive been in chastity now for 9 months obv im unlocked to clean etc but then im put back in used fir her pleasure only n teased n edged it be my ultimate fantasy and id definately follow through.

Any offers?

If you banded yourself long enoungh would you have been castrated within 48 hours, or do you still have to be cut?

hi bigger im karen tv and have been banding and clamping for a 3 months would like to go all the way how long can band be left on before i cut it off i love doing it

Well I like it, but I'm F!!

I have also been very interested to try banding but never knew how to go about it. if someone could tell me where to find more info on it and how to go about doing it to myself. I want to eventually go as far as having my nuts totally removed. Can this be done by myself with a bander?

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drop me email i send pics my mail to you is not going thru<br />

All your stories makes me want to do it but I would be scared I could not find a mate because I don't think I make a lovely girl.

your story is is the same as mine .I used to band all the time untill I was clamped I got my Elastrator and bands but I went from the store to a Restrant just 5 mins away and went in to is tolet and banded my self . the rush was realy good and I went hard so I played with my self ,the felling of it trying to come but not quite getting to is some thing I could not get over . That was the start ' I lost count of the times I wanted to go all the way with it but stopped . Well it is done now by clamping . but don't you wish that we could get fixed like dogs .just in and out no fuss .I can not see a good reason why not