My Elastrator Play Story!

I've been banding for about 7 or 8 years now. I got interested after seeing some banding pictures at the BME (BodyModificationEzine) site and just knew I needed to get one! The neat story I have is also about when I bought mine.I live in pretty much a rural farming area so finding one was no problem. I went to the local Tractor & Farm Supply Store and picked out a bag of bands and the better locking pliers. When I went up to the check out the clerk was a young and fairly attractive girl. The first thing she said is "I know what those are for!", and then asked me if I was farm tax exempt. I said no that these were for a hobby. Little did she know that within 2 hours my sac would be banded!! I always wondered if maybe she suspected that guys would band themselves! I had already been chatting on messenger with a guy from BME that bands and he told me what to do and expect. The first band I put a loop of dental floss on to make sure I could lift it to get under it and cut it. Of course like the other stories here my excitement was overwhelming!! Especially not really knowing what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised that is was pretty nice feeling! It's all history after that first time! I had a guy that I used to band with on webcam. He would turn on his cam and band and I would do the same and see who would stay banded the longest. He wanted to be castrated so eventually he found a cutter and got his wish. I also had a Mistress online friend that I would band for on cam and she got off on me begging to cut the band before I was castrated for good! As for banding, I've multiple banded, banded each testicle individually and banded my penis. I also found a guy in the UK that wanted to get into banding but didn't know where to get one. I found a source for him not to far from where he lived and as a Thank You he sent me a bag of the orange bands. Can't seem to find them in the states. They are or seem a little stronger than the green ones. I'm always looking for fellow banders so I was happy and excited when I found this group! I'm going to put some of my pictures up to so enjoy them!
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Elastrator Incredible Fun

I grew up on a farm and we had livestock. We were in meat production, so all the spring bull calves had to be castrated. Dad had one of those original 1950s Elastrator tools with the original black rubber rings. They worked pretty well, doing their job on bull calves under about 2 weeks of age. But, we had one steer calf get an infection at the band location on the scrotum, became very sick and eventually died even with antibiotics. Dad decided to go back to the old fashioned knife and emasculator methods to cut the testicle out then crush and sever the cords with the Emasculatone tool. I often did the crushing of the cords while Dad kept the testicle pulled out. That Elastrator sat in its box on the shelf down in the basement after that, with a nearly new package of the better green rings.
I think I was about 15 when I got a crazy idea of playing with it. I took a couple of the rings out and stretched them with the elastrator, then put them around some small bottles for a few days. I thought this might relax them. I originally had planned just to put the relaxed ring on the elastrator and then insert my scrotum and both testicles, and carefully let the pressure off the grips, to see what it felt like. I had the prongs pointing toward me, so that the ring would not come off as I wrestled first my scrotum through the opening, then pop my largest nut through and then adjust the scrotum so that the other chamber was pulled through, and then pop the smaller nut through the open ring. I did not plan on the ring coming off the prongs. It didn't for quite a few times over the next few months, and I was pretty excited by the idea of castrating myself in my imagination, leaving the elastrator ring on carefully with the prongs still under it for up to 15 minutes when the ache of the tough green ring started to really bite in. I would very slowly open the elastrator prongs, expanding the ring about half way and then squeezing the scrotum for my smaller nut, making it pop back to my body side, then likewise for the larger nut. I did not want to risk opening the Elastrator all the way up, so took my time to get my nuts to escape. I could then pull my empty scrotum section out of the band.
WELL, one evening while the folks were upstairs watching TV late, I was in my bedroom downstairs, supposedly studying and then heading for bed. But, I was playing with the Elastrator again..... I had let the green band close down on my scrotum, like before, waiting for my balls to turn dark and get numb.... But I thought I heard my dad starting to come down the stairs, probably to check the wood furnace we had, and I panicked, opening the Elastrator too quickly and causing the ring to snap off the prongs completely. WOW, my nuts were in trouble now. That ring made a loud snap as it bit deeply into my flesh. It made my ears ring as the sensation of that impact hit my brain. I had made no plans or preparations for that eventuality. I think I had banded myself maybe 15 minutes already, so time was of the essence. My bedroom was in a room in the basement, and Dad seemed to take forever to check the furnace, stopping by my room to say Good Night. My door was generally open, so I had shoved the Elastrator under the covers and pulled up my shorts. I smiled and said Good Night to him. I knew I had to act quickly as now my nuts had been banded almost 25 minutes. I thought and thought and finally got out my Boy Scout knife and used the hook of the can opener to get under the ring, then used another pen knife to carefully slice through the green ring. Finding a crease to push the can opener hook into to get under the ring really took extra time and really hurt. Those rings are really tough, and apparently my stretching operations on them had not affected them one little bit. I bet it took another 5 minutes to get the ring off, making this banding about 30 minutes total, and the sting of it letting go sent me into spasms and I nearly blacked out, seeing vivid purple, red and yellow flashes in my vision for a while. I think I let out some sort of yelp, as I heard Dad's footsteps on the floor above, coming toward the stairwell. He just called down to me and asked if I was OK. I gave an excuse that I nearly choked on a piece of candy while I was laying on the bed and reading..... He wished me Pleasant Dreams, and I said Good Night. He didn't come downstairs. I sure did have pleasant dreams after that. I thought about what it would be like to go all the way, a lot. It would give me a ***** to think of it, and I would think about my Elastrator play in the most unusual places, like during English class. I don't know about other guys, but it is hard to hide a ***** in a classroom full of other kids. I took some pliars and bent the prongs on the elastrator slightly outward from the center to prevent the bands from coming off unexpectedly. I think I got rather bored with it after about a year or two, just settling for wanking off to relieve the pressure. I had been doing more physical work to earn money after school, so I was more tired and not interested in spending 15 or 20 minutes with the Elastrator game.
So, nearly 45 years passes, marriage, etc. My health as well as my wife's started to fail, and I started having erection problems as well as dry skin, muscle weakness and being tired all the time and not too motivated to do much of anything anymore. My wife's problems are more severe as she is not really getting better, and her physical situation and medications have completely precluded vaginal sex. My problem was Low-T and I started out about 3 years ago with the Testred pills, and I can say "don't do it" as they tore my stomach up and didn't really raise my T-Levels. My Free Testosterone was only a 62, so my testicles had basically quit producing anything, as the stimulating hormone level was elevated showing that they were not responding. The pills brought me up to a 280 after 2 years, which was still way too low. Then I switched to Androgel, and my skin must absorb better than average because my level shot up to 2,200 !! That stuff is dangerous to children and women if they get it on them from your skin, and expensive. I was really horny for a few months on Androgel, until my next blood test and I switched to injection testosterone cypionate. My level is now around 750 and I feel generally great, and satisified with wanking twice a week. When I was really horny, I was wanking every day for weeks on end.... I could imagine all sorts of play during my fairly quick sessions to get relief. I started up on my old castration fantasies. The computer seemed to lure me to look at Elastrators again and look up stories and pictures.
Most of the Elastrator stories are boring, just snap the ring on the scrotum, etc., then **** off. Big deal. Pictures are interesting, but to me not much of a story either. I started obsessing over the Elastrator use and how a more interesting experience could be obtained. I remembered the incredible snap of that first green ring that went on my nuts from a nearly fully opened Elastrator tool back when I was 16.
I finally did it, I bought an IDEAL Heavy-duty castration ring plier tool on and a bag of 100 green rings. Under $35 total delivered in plain boxes. The green rings arrived first, and it started my imagination. When I opened the box and saw the tool in there, it gave me quite a rush. I took a little time with the tool, putting on a green ring and operating it. The screws for the moving arms were kinda loose, so tightened them a bit and added a little bit of oil to each. I used a crescent wrench jaws, as they are smooth, to very slightly bend the castrator's pins that hold the green ring a little bit outward from center. This only needs to be the ever so slightest bit of a bend and all the tips should now be about 1/8-inch from each other when the tool is fully closed, as they were parallel and touching before. I was obsessing about the tool, and activated it several times, but noticed that the bands have to be stretched very slowly, with the tension between the pins checked as the levers don't open equally, adjusting the green band carefully for even tension. If you are not careful, you can make a nick in the inside of the ring, and if you go all the way, and then cut the ring off your nuts, it will scrape your scrotum. Putting some hand lotion on the rings and the pins before you stretch them the first time will help, also.
This time I had thought about some insurance to prevent getting caught with the band on my nuts and having to get it off quickly. I had seen Mika Tan slowly apply a ring to some fellow, but she put a shoelace through the ring first and then later used the lace to pull the ring away from his scrotum enough to finally cut it off him. I found about a 10-inch length of black nylon rope, 1/8-inch diameter and cut off a piece. I then pulled the interior cord out, leaving only the woven outer tube. I tied a knot in just one end to keep it from fraying. I will share later about why I didn't tie the knot in the other end. After stretching the green ring and locking the bail on the end of the handles, I could put the rope through the green ring and tie a square-knot in it. Now you have to figure out the best location for the rope, as having the band all the way onto your nuts will require pulling on the rope to get the band up enough to slip the cutter under the ring so you can cut it. I am mostly right-handed, so I looped the rope onto the band where it would be to my right when the castrator tool's pins are facing my body and the handle is upward toward my chest. I can pull the safety cord with my left hand and work the cutter under the band with my right hand for a safe and clean cut.
I took a look at cat-claw cutters, and they should work. But, the set I had was kinda large and hard to get under the band when it was around my nuts. I then thought of a pair of electrical manual wire strippers, found a pair in my electrical tools, and took it to my grinder and took off some of the sharp edges of the outer cutting end of the tool and then used a file to make sure it was a smooth rounded job. It is the Tekton 3794 for 5 Bucks on Make sure the rivet is tight so that there is no wobble when you close the tool as it should have the two cutters perfectly parallel each other during the cut. Hit the rivet carefully with a hammer against the concrete floor to tighten it, then work the tool with some oil in the joint.
OK, time to test this out the first time with the original materials: Ideal castrator tool, cat claw cutter, nylon rope, hand lotion, and a green ring. I was pretty excited and had some alone time out in my workshop, so I went into the bathroom and turned up the heat and setup a good mirror in front of me when sitting on the toilet lid. It was nice and warm in there and the lighting was good, so I dropped my shorts and underwear and sat on the edge of the seat with my balls hanging down. They looked great in the angled mirror just a couple feet from me. I have about the most hairy balls of anyone, at least pictures of scrotums rarely have much of any hair on them. I have so much 2-inch long blonde hair that I can't see the nutsack skin if my scrotum is cold and gathered up. I couldn't shave my sack without causing questions, and besides, I really love my hairy nutsack, but worried a bit about the band and the hairs getting caught. More on that in a bit.
To get the best memories out of a session, don't rush it. It can take a half hour from start to end. The anticipation of each step is important. So, I took the tool with its fully opened green ring and placed it over the bottom of my scrotum, pins facing my body and the handles up. I then reached through the open ring to grab my sack and drag part of it through the opening. Remember that each nut is in its own chamber, so pull more of the side through for your largest nut first. It is easier to pop the smaller nut in second. Your scrotum may contract from the excitement, but take it easy and don't have cold hands. Warm your hands up first with hot water and then dry well and have the room kinda hot, maybe 80F. You might have to drag the scrotum through the ring and hold it for a minute. Then, if it doesn't pull back when you let go, move your hand to your large nut side and work that testicle behind the band and pop it through. I like this part, and sometimes will repeat it by letting the fearful nut retract back behind the ring a couple of times. Rotating the tool slightly to press on that side of your groin after your ball is outside the ring will help keep it in place while you wrangle your small nut. Pull some more of that side of the scrotum through, then use your fingers to push that nut under the ring and pop it through next to its twin. This is a time to enjoy seeing both of your nuts in jeopardy. Sometimes one of them escapes and you have to repeat the procedure. I found that releasing the bail on the handles and letting the tool close just maybe half-way would trap the nuts but still allow adjusting the scrotum skin without causing any numbness, yet. I use a tywrap for this, with it set to drop over the handles with just the right diameter of a loop to keep the handles from opening any further and tightening the green band. Your hands might shake from the excitement during all this, and you don't want to lose your grip on the handles and have the green band snapped down all alone on your scrotum, so use the bail or the tywrap all the time. Take your time here, enjoy it. This is when I put the hand lotion on, with a good application just along where the green band will dig in. After maybe 5 minutes, your scrotum will start to relax and then you can adjust the amount of it outside the band. Try to have the tool more downward, and you need to check to see if the penis skin at the scrotum is going to be caught under the band, so adjust the positioning of the tool and band. Try to have enough scrotum outside the band or the soft squishy part of the testicle can get pinched and that hurts. There should be no pain or numbness at this point. The hand lotion seems to prevent my long scrotum hairs from getting caught in the green band, I look carefully to make sure none of them are actually wrapped around the band or one of the pins of the castration tool. It is lots of fun looking at the trapped nuts, the castration tool and the green band.
Now for the fun part. I like to slowly re-open the tool fully and carefully re-latch the bail on the handles. If you have adjusted your scrotum properly, your nuts should stay in place. I like to carefully push one of the lower corners of the band off just that one pin..... It can take some time if you draw it out, to work the band up along the pin to its tip.... then over the top it goes with a loud SNAP and I swear the top of your head will explode. I get a real warm sensation over my whole body and now the band is partially contracted but still on 3 pins. Sometimes you may want to stop here after enjoying all the new feelings, and then carefully push your nuts, small one first, through the partially open band for an escape.....
Next level is like before, letting the band snap your scrotum when it comes off the first pin. Then I work the opposite top corner off the pin slowly and you get another pretty good snap again. It is fun to just leave everything in place for a while, enjoying your balls starting to get a bit numb. You may want to stop here, also, after maybe only 5 minutes, as blood can cause your nuts to pump up, because the band is not really cutting off all blood flow. So quit if you see your balls getting bigger. Use the loop of rope to pull on the middle of one side of the band and make an opening for your nuts to escape again, small one first. You will have to balance the tool handles against your chest as you work both the rope and your nuts. Do not pull the rope toward your body, pull more outward or you will get one more final snap and you are fully castrated as you have pulled the band off the third post. The fourth post of the castration tool easily pulls outward away from your body from under the fully contracted green band.
OK, here you are, with a complete castration in place. Your nuts will start to get really numb and dark. If you **** off at this time, expect it to happen quickly and with quite a force of ***********. Since you have the safety rope in place, you can let this go on for up to 15 minutes as long as your nuts are still normal size and not pumped up with blood. You will know when to let your balls escape, as the green band will be really biting into your scrotum and burying itself in your flesh. Initially the band does not hurt at all, at least for me, but after 15 minutes, it starts to ache and sting quite a bit. It gets rapidly more sore at 20 minutes and you will be sweating and in terror at 25 minutes. Now is the time to add more hand lotion along the green band, all around your scrotum. Massage it in so that it gets beside and under the band as much as possible. This will prevent skin damage as the cut band contracts and retreats along the groove that it has bitten into your nutsack.
Same escape plan as when the band is only on 2 pins, pull outward on the safety rope, but now you are having to cut the band off. Pull hard enough until you can slide one jaw of the cutter under the band. You will be surprised at how much tension you have to exert to open the band even a little bit. The band designers know what they are doing, and have built a truly amazing product to quickly kill the testicles of any creature that gets banded. The band needs to be really tight to completely cut off blood flow to the testicles or they will balloon up and that is bad during all of this. It is important to get a good look at the jaws of the cutter after you finally get it onto the green band, to make sure you don't cut the skin of your scrotum. Now, slowly, slowly put pressure on the band with the cutter, and you will hear a crunching sound as the internal ligaments of the green band are cut one by one... when the band cuts, you will feel a sting like you have never experienced before. After you stop jumping around, check for cuts and put some more hand lotion on your nutsack. You will have the most amazing warm feeling in your nuts for several hours afterward.
Want to live dangerously, at least in your imagination ?? You need to add one more tool to your banding kit. Get a good hemostat with fairly wide jaws and make sure the clamping part on the handles works well. Keep it handy. I have an imaginary friend helping me during this play time. He is the one that pushes the band off the posts while I close my eyes, putting as much of my mental presence into my nuts. The snap comes as quite a surprise and is very enjoyable. Today I ended up having the band come off the third pin while I was trying to let my nuts escape. So, I got to thinking that it sure is good that I have the safety rope to save my balls. Then I untied the square knot on the rope and gave it a little tug to begin to pull the frayed end out from under the band.... I talked to myself as I pulled it out a half-inch at a time, telling myself that this is "it" and I will be a eunuch in a few minutes. Being completely banded more than 20 minutes is likely to always cause some damage. By having my imaginary friend finally decide whether I should re-knot it and let my balls out, or go with just the green band digging into my scrotum. As the rope got shorter and shorter, I pulled it back an inch a couple of times, saying No! to my friend, but he persisted and finally there was not enough end of the rope for me to get my fingers onto any longer. Then out came the rope from under the band. Now I am really nutted. I can run around and let my balls die, or find something to get under the band to lift it up enough for the cutter to get in. That is when I remembered a set of hemostats on my workbench. I had to walk out there with my nuts trying to pop off my body, to get the tool. I went back into the bathroom where the light was good, and worked one jaw under the green band and then clamped the hemostat onto the band. I could now lift the band up a little bit, holding the hemostat sideways, to get the cutter under the band. This is not as easy as it sounds, and I had the band come out of the hemostat a couple of times. My hands were shaking and I was sweating like a pig. Another incredible sting as the band parts, letting my balls live another day. That was my longest full castration time with the band all the way down onto my nutsack. I think that one ended up maybe 25 minutes, nearly as long as the first time I got in trouble playing with Dad's Elastrator when I was 16.
Some sources suggest that you can take aspirin a couple times over a couple days prior to a full banding, to prevent any small blood clots. Oragel Severe Toothache gel has Benzocaine in it, so you can apply this to the banded area right after you allow the green ring to compress onto your scrotum completely. Then again just before you cut the ring off. The sting of cutting the band can sometimes sour the mood a bit.

If you banded yourself long enoungh would you have been castrated within 48 hours, or do you still have to be cut?

hi bigger im karen tv and have been banding and clamping for a 3 months would like to go all the way how long can band be left on before i cut it off i love doing it

Well I like it, but I'm F!!

I have also been very interested to try banding but never knew how to go about it. if someone could tell me where to find more info on it and how to go about doing it to myself. I want to eventually go as far as having my nuts totally removed. Can this be done by myself with a bander?

contact me at

drop me email i send pics my mail to you is not going thru

All your stories makes me want to do it but I would be scared I could not find a mate because I don't think I make a lovely girl.

your story is is the same as mine .I used to band all the time untill I was clamped I got my Elastrator and bands but I went from the store to a Restrant just 5 mins away and went in to is tolet and banded my self . the rush was realy good and I went hard so I played with my self ,the felling of it trying to come but not quite getting to is some thing I could not get over . That was the start ' I lost count of the times I wanted to go all the way with it but stopped . Well it is done now by clamping . but don't you wish that we could get fixed like dogs .just in and out no fuss .I can not see a good reason why not

Dear biggar:

I have often thought about doing this as well. I have been on the BME web site and looked at the pictures and read the stories. I just want more than one person to say that doing this is possible to the human body. Castrating pigs and steers dont seem to pose a problem with this type of surgery. Put the band on and wait about 24 hours. The sack with balls falls off somewhere in the field and the point of attachment just heals up and that is that as they say. I dont know. What about a human being? What about possible infection? What about complications?

Head in the Clouds


it's not that easy! It will take several weeks for the sac to drop off and the flesh will be very rotten at that point. The best way would to be sure the balls and sac are totally dead and then cut it off leaving the band or maybe a couple inplace. either way it would be difficult and infection would be very real. I would not attempt it for a real castration, just for play! Remember too, I am not a doctor, this is just what I found on my own.