Idea's For Getting Caught?

Just wondering if anyone has any good idea's on how to get caught with poop in my pants? It needs to be something that is somewhat discreet as I don't want to get arrested for lewd behavior in public. I've walked through the local mall a number of times with a bulge showing in my pants but in that situation, I'm never certain if anyone notices it or not. I really would like to be caught and know that I've been caught. The thought of having someone see me and them knowing that I have pooped my pants excites me.
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Just search for a good looking female employee, walk to her, start a little conversation and look deep into her beautiful eyes, then while she is speaking to you start to push hard for a second or two (moan a little). Stop it to push, and if her eyes are shining like stars in the night sky continue to push hard and fill your pants right in front of the nice girl (must be tight pants, prepare to but give the poop enough space to relieve completely). Moan noticeable during filling your pants - if you want to pee then squirt a few times. If you finished you job smile at her and ask her where the restroom is...

I appreciate your idea but I think I need something a little more discreet. I don't think I could get up the nerve to do this.

I have to admit that I never realized that fantasy, but I would like to try it one day when I'm naughty enough.
So, I have a more discrete suggestion for you:
Walk to a grocery store and fill you tight jeans in checkout-lane while the cashier girl is busy with another customer woman. I did that and both girls didn't notice or pretended to not notice, but I also peed my skintight girls-jeans in front of them, noticed by the nice cashier girl...

I may be able to do that....thanks for the suggestion.

No problem. Have fun and enjoy! :)

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