Now Would Be Nice...

Today started out good...wish it had stayed that way.

Within 3 hours, I broke something special, had a flashback, and consoled a friend who just lost a family member.

I said all the right things to Grey, consoled her as best I could.  Mostly I listened and reminded her that she's got people who care.

But it was hard being sympathetic.  Much as I love Grey, much as I care, it was hard to force the words around the shaking remnants of the flashback.  I had to sharply remind myself that "this is Grey time.  This is not Plaid time.  Grey needs all you are right now, Plaid.  Shatter later; Grey needs you now."  I shoved the flashback backlash into a corner and gave Grey what she needed.

And now I'm paying for it.  Now I have to deal with the flashback, AND my stone turtle being in pieces (with all the attendant emotion on that) AND the backlash of shoving myself into "taking care of friend" mode when frankly I needed to be cared for.

I hurt.  I'm glad Grey thought of me when she wanted someone to listen...

But I still hurt.
Plaid Plaid
31-35, F
Apr 28, 2012