Have I Found Him?

My entire life, all I've wanted to do was be a mother and a wife. After one failed marriage (not of my doing) I think I have finally found a man that thinks about submissiveness the way I do. I have this deep desire to be submissive to my husband (the man I marry) sexually and otherwise. I want to be dominated by him in every way. He is not violent; he just wants a wife that will please him in the bedroom, and take care of him. In return, he wants to love me and take care of me. I have this overwhelming desire for him to dominate me sexually...to do whatever he wants me to do to please him. Not only does he want to be a real man and be head of our household and take the responsiblity but he wants to dress me himself, tell me how to wear my hair, ect. I don't mind since we will be in the public eye. He wants children and so do I. I am wondering if I have found the man I have been looking for my entire life.
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Dec 8, 2012