I Want To Be Submissive To My Husband

I have been interested in the BDSM lifestyle for over 15 years. I have been married for 16. About 8 years ago we both discovered that we had an interest in the lifestyle. We purchased books, restraints and toys to add to our play. We played about 2 times and everything is now sitting collecting dust in our closet. I am still interested, and he says that he isn't comfortable dominating his wife and the mother of our children. He has no problem talking dirty or having good hard sex with me. I have given him my heart, I want him to own me completely. I explained to him that we don't have to live the lifestyle 24/7, that he can own me in the privacy of our bedroom or whenever we are alone, even in public when we are out together alone on a date.

I long to kneel at his feet with my eyes lowered and my hands behind my back. I want to cater to his every need and desire. I want to be corrected when I do something wrong. I want to feel the sting of his hand or flogger on my skin. I want to wear His marks on me proudly.

I have no idea what to do to overcome his reservations. I want to be everything to him...forever.

Anyone have any suggestions?

~Loving my Sir Tal

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look these over, tell me what you think.


try this one<br />
<br />
www.amidiyah.com<br />
<br />
let me know<br />
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My husband is dominant by nature. Yet, he was a ***** cat in the bedroom. I had told him many of times that I wanted him to dominate me, and make me be submissive. We talked about it many of times, but he just couldn't take the control. I believe it was out of fear because he thought I'd leave him since I had been in an abusive relationship before. Somehow, he thought that controlling me was being abusive...something his Mother had planted in his mind since he was a child. <br />
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If you want to kneel before him...then do it. Buy a special pillow for yourself, and lay it at his feet. Don't say a word...just kneel before him. My Master needed me to take the first step in showing him that I was serious about this. <br />
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We live in a feminist world where we are taught that we are equal to men. Maybe, it is your husband's mindset that to be your Master would make you less equal? I agree with the post above that you need to ask him why he doesn't want to. I'm sure it is something that is seeded in his mind that stops him from letting go and enjoying a woman that wishes to serve him. <br />
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I have found an awesome site that you might enjoy...http://www.takeninhand.com/?PHPSESSID=7d1e08df17e7976617cb7c2e253ca0b3<br />
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Good luck. :O)

Well I would just like to say first that it sounds to me like you have and you are catering to his every needs. It sounds like the two of you foster a very good relationship and love one another very much but I think you also have to understand that a relationship is a two way street and some arent comfortable with it turning into a one way street. While i think its okay to have this play within the confines of the bedroom and I guess it would even be okay if he was okay with it but maybe instead of explaining why you want to do that rather ask him why he doesnt wont to. I hope you guys work out this problem!