Mix ashes with iron to make black dagger


I am a organ donor but after they harvest what ever is needed I want to be burned beyond a crisp.

My wife has agreed to let a knife maker (Who is Wiccan) use some of my ashes in a compound to make a black blade dagger. Another Wiccan, who is an artest, will mix a little bit of my ***, I mean ashes, in paint to make a black and red handle. My wife will be the keeper of the dagger until she dies and then another will be chosen. OMGoddess! I can't wait!...DD

Dewduster Dewduster
66-70, M
5 Responses Mar 11, 2009

Shadow28, thank you. We all need a little suport...DD

perfect retiredfather, thanks for the humer. I do get my stuff in a bunch when someone commits on my love of knives like it is crazy. Like stamps would be ok BUT knives...DD

Don't bury me,<br />
On the lone prairie,<br />
Where the cactus are full of nectar.<br />
Don't bury me,<br />
But bury me cheap.<br />
Put me in the trash compactor.<br />
<br />
A little humor.<br />
<br />
Very little...

I am a Warrior...DD

why would you want to be remembered in the form of a dagger?<br />
what does that signify?<br />
i guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion... :-)