I Crossdress But Want Someone To Tie Me Up And Xxxx Me

it started off when i was in secondry school seeing all the girls in their tights and it turned me on... i came home from school one day i had an older sister who was in collage and started to explore i found some nice tights and skirt and wore them for hours on end... after a few months after trying many different types of clothes and stuff i dressed up almost like one of the girls in school and dressed like this alot ... one weekend there was no one home only me and asked a mate of mine to come and stay and have a few drinks we were underage at the time so having a few drinks was kinda a big deal lol. we were upstairs and on the floor saw a pair of my sisters tights.. he added my sister looked kinda hot and i added a few of the girls in our class was kinda cool too he agreed .. time went on and we were dicussing of sex and feeling girls legs so i told him that ive done it and he said done what so i said ive dressed up as a girl he laughed and said ye rite so i said id show him he was omg didnt no what to do with himself as either to get out of the house or wait to see what i looked like cos he was interested in feeling my legs in the tights i told him il try to be as feminine as i could and neatly dressed so i came back into the room all dressed up... he was shaking and so was i too so i said to him well what do you think and his answer was omg you look like a girl so i sat by him.... talking went on and i said feel them if you want and as a guy he wasnt bad looking i was already aroused by the fact i was dressed up it wasnt long before i noticed that he was all aroused too we spoke briefly about doing it and that we would explore and see whats it like. he didnt just wanna do it to me so i said why not tie me up kidnap me blindfold and gag me then it wouldnt seem like im pushing you so we played out a scene were he kidnapped me and tied me all up and left me to struggle on the bed i could not move only roll and umphhh and struggle i began to wonder where he was he wasnt by me i would of heard him half an hour or so went by i just layed there all tied up feeling like is he there or gone then i heard him come in to the room he started feeling me up and down for a bit then he turned me over and rolled his hands and pulled my tights down before inserting his penis into me it felt awsome at first then he started to go harder and harder but i didnt complain after that he quickly removed my gag and he asked if i was ok and i replied yes are you he said i dont no so i was still blindfolded and tied so i still struggled a bit i asked him to untie me he said no i said ok you wanna do it again and he said i think so.. after the second time he came all over me after this asked him to untie me and i remained in those clothes all night and slept together to woke up in the morning quick tie up and and xxxx and i was happy.. within those school days we used to do this with each other on one or more occasion we loved doing it the whole tying up scene too after school ended he moved away and i eventually moved away too we never saw each other again.... after a year or two i still had this feeling so decided to buy some clothes and dress up 15 years later ive moved on but still dress up and tie myself up too.. but im looking for some adventure im looking for someone to hold me for a couple of days or a day and maybe a little longer and even be tied up to another crossdresser but its no fun unless theres a hint of adventure in it if theres anyone out there in the uk wanting to meet we could arrange something
lols82 lols82
31-35, M
Nov 25, 2013