On The Cross

I have had a fixation with crucifixion since I was young. The thought of hanging totally helpless from a cross has always got me feeling hot under the collar.

I love the thought of being thrown naked onto the cross with my wrists tied to the crossbeam (I'm too soft for nailing) and my feet anchored to a footrest. As the cross is hoisted my body drops and I'm forced to take the harsh cornu up my *** to enable me to breathe properly.

Once upright my **** is at perfect height to be ****** or ****** by anyone watching. My **** would be rock hard as I am forced to ride the cornu to keep breathing. The pressure on my *** and the constant ****** of my **** by the audience is enough to make me shoot wad after wad of hot ***

After my o***** the audience leaves me to bake in the hot sun while I continue to ride the cross. The cornu is still deep in my *** as I ride it up and down. My **** is soon hard again but with no one left to watch I am left alone to my endless torment.

Does anyone else share these thoughts or am I a kinky freak!

badboris badboris
41-45, M
7 Responses Jan 18, 2010

I think that you have a good idea as to what should happen during a crucifixion. I do not believe that you are wrong in any way. I too would like to try something like that. The only problem is that someone should be close by to take care of you if something should go wrong. Although the crucifixion would ordinarily be a means of execution, in this case that would not be the intent. But it is a very severe form of punishment that I would love to try for several hours.

sounds ok but b4 hanging id b flogged on mty back then turned over on to a bench with salt obit then lashed again

Thanks - I think that's a compliment!

Wow, I thought I was a perv - thanks for the new ideas.

Same here

so do I

I feel the same way if you are my email is fitoreyes83@yahoo.com