Dammit Still

So, I've been sick the past few days because of something stupid, but now I'm really legitimately sick cuz of cooties...and when I'm sick like that, with a cold, I want to be babied.  I have a girlfriend, and she won't cuddle me!  The cheez-it's were a wonderful thought, and I thanked her, but rolling over so I can spoon her does not count as me being cuddled!  I'm putting out an official opposition to this!  Is it too much to ask to be cuddled for a few minutes, dammit? 

vampireheart vampireheart
31-35, T
3 Responses Sep 3, 2008

well, I think I got her sick too now, so my *** in for a world of hell soon. so it's probably better I try not to cuddle right now.<br />
Dance, someone like you, hm? You would cuddle me, cooties and all?

cuddling is great... I cant believe shes doing this too you...when my hubby i sick, I totally baby him, cuddling and all.

aw, but for who?