Apple Unstuck App Is Fantastic!

So I'm using the unstuck app on my friend's iPad because I'm way too cheap to own one--lol--and it's really great! It named me an Idle Achiever and gave me three examples of famous people who also had a similar "stuck" moment: Simon Cowell, Helen Greiner, and Mark Twain. I'm taking a lesson from each of their situations and thinking of how I can apply it to mine.

Oh yea... uh... my problem... basically I want to be an artist/tarot reader, but none of my ventures have paid off so far.

Simon's lesson is that he tried to jump-start his own business but it never worked out, so he signed on to a major label. I tried applying to read at a local coffee shop that is also a metaphysical hub for the community, but they turned me down. Maybe I can try again... or find other groups to join who can get me connections.

Helen's lesson is she was too focused on innovation and not enough on meeting the requirements of her customers, so she came out with a new model and got feedback. I definitely need to be focused, not on what I WANT to do with my talents, but what I NEED to do. It's customer service, after all. And I need to get feedback any way I can.

And Mark Twain. He apparently (I didn't know this!) ran himself into debt by investing in inventions and starting his own publishing house. He worked off the debt by touring lectures--putting the rubber to the road--and on the way, he wrote some of his most famous novels. Sometimes you just gotta churn out business... just put your jeans on, get your tool belt, and get some stuff done. I love that, and I definitely need to. It not only attracts clientele, but it's good practice. When I was reading regularly, reading was easy. The more you practice, the more naturally it comes, and you make money in the mean-time. Plus, while you're generating all those ideas and your head is buried in your work and your interests, you might just have a life-changing, or even world-changing, idea or creation.

Anyway, this app is great. If you have an iPad, you should totally get it. It also gave me this fantastic quote!

"Doing leads more surely to talking than talking to doing" Vance Havner
Fourleggedfreak Fourleggedfreak
22-25, F
Jan 11, 2013