My Mistress Said...

My mistress and I are new to this kinda thing. We started this kinda thing with pegging and it evolved to me being her sissy *****, but we're both new to this stuff. I wear panties as much as she let's me but she says that I am allowed to ask about ideas and dares from anyone on this site i want so long as I don't use her or my names. It doesn't mean that she's going to let me do all the dares.

My mistress wants to hear anything that would be Dirty, Naughty, Slutty, Sissy, Humiliaing, or worthy to be used as punishment.

My mistress will take all comments into consideration, but if mistress says "no" then it's a no..

I will post any story that is a direct result of suggestions and I will post a reply to any that she says no or maybe to.

Feel free to add me. I will post pictures when my mistress says I've earned the right to show what a **** I am.

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After you suck her **** until she feels satisfied with your performance. (Hope she has a double headed one or a feeldo so that she actually does get pleasure from it) Then she can put you in whatever position she likes best to pound out her punishment on your ***. During which she can pull out at anytime and make you suck and lick her clean. As she is shoving her **** down your throat she can put two fingers from each hand in your hole and stretch it wide. Keeping it loose so she can slam back into your *** when ready. After your punishment is over, in her opinion, she can make you do whatever housework she sees fit. Of course staying dressed and unclean until she allows you to bathe.

How's that?

I think you should be diapered at all times. You should always wear pretty sissy looking plastic panties. To make sure you use your diapers without control, you should be foley cathetered. Then you'll be a REAL sissy baby.

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i'm sorry to say this but my mistress doesn't want me to do that and she refused to say why i asked too much and now i have to wear boy pants and go untouched for the night she won't play with my butt now....

I Dare you go and get meaursed for a bra. Have the casher pick out a set on sexy underware for u to ware.