I Do Like The Feel Of The Panties On Me

Started quite innocently, but i finally did go into the store viewing the panties, so many different styles and then colors. Finally i bought 2 pairs, pink and black color. Nervously at the cashier handed my cash, wondering if she knew they where for me.  Rushing home i disrobed and slid the panties on me, oh did i feel so nice.

 Every night home from work i would put on my panties,  eventually i did start to wear them to work under my clothes and felt so good.

My next step was pantyhose, but again did not know what type to buy, i bought pantyhose, black and nude, It was a struggle to put them on toling them up my legs -   now i do have stockings - stayups and id find these so much easier to put on. 

  Still yearning for more


   to be continued

gordcb gordcb
51-55, M
2 Responses Feb 9, 2010

I love the feeling to honey

Nothing better than a nice pantyhose over freshly shaved legs<br />
<br />