Past Two Weeks.....

I have been in nappies since Monday 28th June 24/7 (I have worn for alot longer on on off). I wanted not to play, shall we say, so to prevent this I have to wear all the time. I have to wear two nappies as soon as get home, with a YunYun (plastic backed padded hourglass shaped nappy) over the top. To restrict my access. I do play alot when I am wearing.

Basically the problem is that all that playing doesn't help my sex life. So if I can't play whilst wearing, when I do get out of them and no shower/the occasional poop on the toilet doesn't count. So all it leaves is when I take them off to have sex. So it should improve things between me and my wife.

It's all been going rather well, I did play on the 2nd day to get it out of my system. But overall I am committed to the plan. To start with it was my plan and my wife only knew the details but it was my choice as she was away. But all that changed.

But here are some the moments in those two weeks:

Thursday, 1st July
I got changed and went out will my friend for pizza and a drink. I was unaware of my nappy. For most of the evening, until we were walking to the cars and I started peeing. Peeing whilst walking is a step forwards. And I flooded them at the car around 10ish. When I got I needed the loo, I rule I do have is that I rarely do a number two my nappy. Take them down, do my business and back up. I got upstairs and bent down to lift the toilet seat, I messed myself quite badly. I think it is possible, if I wasn't in nappies, I would of probably not had an accident. But it was easier.

I did start playing myself before going to bed, I didn't finish but measures had to be taken. I put a third disposable (Tena Supers) and then YunYun over that. I also put some mittens on to restrict my hands.

Friday, 2nd July
When I got home, I changed into my at home items. 2 Tena Supers, YunYun and a canvas chasity belt (see profile picture). To stop me constantly checking nappies, I need to forget about them, I know when I need to change. But I have restrict my playing, so when I do try and my access is so difficult I give up.

Saturday, 3rd July
Just a quick one, when I checked I was very wet even the yunyun was wet. So I changed to go out, I had to put a pair of plastic pants on (pink for humilation) under the locking nappy cover. I forgot the first time and immediately had to put plastic pants on then put the cover back. I popped a pair of short over the top and put a t-shirt. Before I had left the house I was wet again. And when I was shopping the nappy was getting wetter. Getting home I had to immediately change and put a yunyun back on but kept the plastic pants. Due to safety after the last time I nearly leaked.

One problem I noticed is that I used the locking cover to stop my playing which has worked but due to the rule of no taking it off unless I am going to work (monday) or getting a change. I needed to poop earlier, with it locked on I had no choice but to mess my nappy and can't change unless I have fully used my nappy. Oh well! Rules eh! I fell asleep before getting a change, oops! I know! I know, not good for my skin but it was an accident.

Tuesday 6th July
Whilst on a forum, answering a post and throughly enjoying myself. I flooded my nappies, no warning I was going to wet, just when it started. And it lasted ages. Wow! That was a really an accident. Not a small one, but massive one that's floods front and back.

Thursday 8th July
My wife came home, yay! But she was tired and I was too so no relief.

Saturday 10th July
None of your business but you can guess :D

My wife has informed me that as she likes this arrangement then the rules will continue for the foreseeable future. In the afternoon, I needed to poop, my wife told me to go upstairs and poop in the corner of the bedroom (due to the mother in law being over). As I was going up the stairs, I applied a little bit of pressure not pushing but not holding it either. About halfway on the stairs, a large log came out. By the time I got to the corner, I had already messed myself. I was very embrassed and changing myself into a new nappy.

My mother-in-law remained unaware of my "accident". When my wife came out and sat down after my change she said she had a clear view of the back of my nappy, good 2 inches of the back. And she said that her mother must know I am wearing at the moment. Hmmm.... I think it's the usual situation of people knowing but not saying.

Tuesday 12th July
After a bit of conversation it looks like I could be in nappies for months now. Every day I was wearing nappies when I get home, it two nappies. Then at night I have locking plastic panties over the top. My control has been removed, I have to ask when I want to poop and my wife decides on my choices. At the moment it standing in a corner and then pooping my nappy. The mother-in-law leaves soon and then I think I will be in big trouble......

I am dominated by a woman and I have been put back into nappies.


One thought i did have was:
Nappies = Nappy/Happy is a very happy sounding word
Diapers = Die-pers is very down in the way you say it

Or is it said differently in the US?
nappiedlouise nappiedlouise
3 Responses Jul 13, 2010

my Wife tapes my diaper on very tightly. That way i can't get my hands or even a finger inside without stretching or tearing the plastic backing. The tapes aren't refastenable either. The thickness makes it impossible for me to **********, and She insists on not letting me touch my diapers or plastic pants.

i like terry nappies and disposable

i love diapers too