The Beauty Of A Naked Man

there was this one time where i was over the nature reserve by where i live. i was walking along when i saw this man naked and jacking off. he was in a secluded area on an island with a make shift bridge. this island was completely secluded from the rest of the world which is why it has always been my fave place to jack off. anyway i decided to sit and watch him and take in everything about him. he was about 6 feet tall and was gifted with a 9 inch ****. he was ripped and cute and was everything that i always wanted. by sudden chance he happened to look where i was sitting and saw me. he was in no way intimidated and he waved me over. i went over to him and the first thing he said was 'do you like to give or receive?' i was startled but replied 'i like to give' he then said to me to get on my knees which i did. he started stroking my hair while i stared at every inch of his body. his body was just beautiful. he stared to ***** off my body and before i knew it were both naked together. he gently pressed his **** against my face and said 'open wide' i willingly took his **** into my mouth and started to pump it up and down. he was pushing my head further and further down his shaft until the pressure was overwhelming. it wasnt long before he blew a load into my mouth and i lapped up every drop. he put his clothes on first and then dressed me up. we both parted our ways and havn't seen each other since but i never stop thinking about him and how he eased me into seduction without even trying!

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3 Responses Mar 8, 2010

What an awesome memory. Such a hot story. Wish I was there to watch or help.

My boss did it to me last night....I can't stop thinking about that hard c.**** exploding on my face

yeah i serve other guys i have never felt anything so good than having a nice **** to suck on!