Wife Not Slave

I am not his slave but I agree to serve him. In return, I expect certain things from him too, He loves me, cherishes me and protects me and our family. He works hard to provide for us to the best of his ability. He manages our money and gives me enough so that I can run our home and complete the tasks that keep the house running smoothly.
He respects me and the contribution I make. He is faithful and doesn't do anything to hurt our marriage or family.
He will not put me in the position of refusing his demands by making any unreasonable requests of me. In return I understand that his is the final word and that I am to do as he says. Every decision he makes on my behalf is for the good of me and of our family.
He upholds all of his responsibilities and makes sure that I adhere to my side of the deal also. He knows that if he behaves in an irresponsible manner then I will not submit to him and that he will cease to have any right over what I do or don't do.
He is the head of our household and everyone respects that. If anyone steps out of line, including me, then they are disciplined in an appropriate manor.
For me, that means a spanking. It is firm but fair, unpleasant but necessary.

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I glad your relationship is working out thanks for sharing

Thankyou :o)

I asked my Husband what he expected of me and we discussed it. I made the commitment to try to meet his expectations where ever possible. We don't do harsh spanking but it does help to ground me. I am a very emotional person and used to feel pretty strung out before we did this. If you are interested in a TiH life, talk to your Husband, tell him you'd like to try it but ask that it can stop if it doesn't feel right for you. You will never know if you don't try and it needn't be a permanent thing if it isn't what you want.

I believe that men and women are equal only in their usefulness. We clearly are very different otherwise. Men usually make better leaders and woman are generally better at home making. Our marriage is much more harmonious since we adopted this way of life. I like being submissive to my Husband, it makes me feel very feminine and very loved and protected. A spanking refreshes me and lets me deal with guilt that I feel when I have slipped up. The issues are addressed and dealt with rather than left to fester or grow worse, because these emotional issues are addressed and spanking is also sexually stimulating, I also feel freer, sexually than I have ever done.