Another Fantasy.

I was doing some work today looking for ethnic images and remembered something that happened a while ago.

I was visiting my ex in Boston, and we were asked by his friend to watch one of their kid for a week in Connecticut. We agreed since I had a week off and he didn't have that many classes to attend that week. What I didn't know is that they actually invited another friend to help us out, since its technically my vacation and their child need to wake up at 6 am for school.

So everything was good, my ex had to go back Boston for classes for one night. Me and my ex were already experiencing some issues in the bedroom, but I never even considered cheating and never actually cheated on him. We were siting on the couch having a beer and this huge guy (I actually found him to be very intimidating the first time I met him, and he was a full head bigger then my ex) is telling me how he and his family came from Nigerian, and how his family struggled, how his dad passed away. Then he told me about his work as well as stories about the girls he dated before, he was just so sweet. As I was sitting there sipping on my beer I could feel my p*ssy pulsating and getting wetter and wetter. So I kept dragging out the evening longer and longer. Nothing happened he went to sleep on the couch and I went into the bedroom and got my bullet going.

I was imagining him putting his hand behind my head and leaning in to kiss me. He would drag me onto his lap and have me straddle him. He would be kissing my neck while his hands wold travel down my back over my bum. Then his hand would caress further inside to find my soaked silk pants to start caressing my ****, while I moan and start to grind against his hard c*ck. With my hands around his neck he stands up and carries me over to the bedroom. Practically drops me on the bed while I am looking up at him his hand goes to the clasp of his jeans and he pulls off his jeans to reveal his hard and throbbing member. I lick my lips and start to rise to give him proper attention, but he grabs my shoulder and pushes me back down on the bed. His hands travel down to my breast and he pulls down my tube top, leans down to suck on one nipple then the other while his hands continue down my body to reach the top of my silk pants and with the underwear pulls them up. While my legs are in the air he wraps one arm around them and presses them tightly against his body. That's when I feel the tip of his hard c*ck starting to push slowly inside my wet *****. He is fully inside of me and is moving slowly in and out I try to move my hips to get him to move faster but because of the position just can't and I start to beg him to go faster. He picks up speed, slams into me harder and I start to *** around him. A while later I show him my appreciation by licking him to ******.

angellllll angellllll
22-25, F
Dec 11, 2012