I Love When My Husband Takes Control

I'm a red head and a Aries so I have a dominate personality. I'm not pushy and bitchy, just a take charge and get things done kind of girl. My husband is more laid back but not what I would call submissive. I love it when he puts me face down on the bed and takes me from behind. He will hold me down and tell me I am his and that he owns me. He controls the pace and I have the most intense ******* when he does this. I don't think I would be comfortable letting another man do this but I may try it sometime.
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My man has watched me with other guys before and we enjoyed it very much. I would do it anytime he wants me to.

@RawRedhead: What if your Man comes home with a guy and tells you to take the right position and just let it happen while he watches whether you respond properly? After which he tells you to stay put, not to move, while he he sends the guy home and playƛ the same game immediate he enters the room again? But now, I'm sure it's not only the words that tell you you're his. I'm sure I do not have to explain. Don't try this on your own ;-) It's not half the satisfaction. !<br />

very nice feeling !

I'm very dominated and women LOVE that. In bed and out. I think it something women crave sexually. The things women are prepared to do if only you know how to touch their buttons.<br />
<br />
I usualy take them roughly - drives them crazy!

I hate being in control sexually because it's soo much sexier to be dominated and have your man have his way with you.. but I can and do take over from time to time.. and he jokes and tells me to enjoy it while I can because he's gonna take over eventually.. Im a redhead and very very outgoing and take control type of person in the real world.. always have been always will be. But hell it's awesome to be tossed around like a ragdoll!! lol

Dazed---you're the ultimate female! Loving submission is the mark of an irrisitible girl!

m2bf; same here but my wife enjoys it when I get the "Baby, not now......) and I do what I want. She has stronger ******* when I do take control. This is a good story though.

My wife's stronger than I am so she must enjoy this or she could reverse the situation any time she wanted!

i wish my husband would do this for me. whats your secret