A Man In Control ... Yes!

I'm not sure I can explain why I like it ... I just know that I do!

But I also like to be the aggressive one sometimes ... sometimes I like to "take the reigns" too.

I wouldn't really call it "dominant" cause I am not into slapping, hitting, hurting and excessively rough things ... any where.

I like a dominant and manly man and therefore a man to be dominant in bed. But I also want him to have to work for it. I want him to win me with his strength and power and technique.

I LOVE it when a confident man takes control of me!

When it comes to sex I don't really need to know why I enjoy certain acts ... I just enjoy them.

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Perhaps you wish to show your own innate female strengths as a submissive while at the same time dominated by a man posturing his strengths as a dominant...like an animalistic mating dance of sorts, it might be then:) Good story:) I completely agree, and my Master well knows he has to take the top in all things in order for the dynamic to work and for his submissive (me) to run like a well-oiled machine for him.

When I dominate my girlfriend, I go the way you like, as well as the way that dominatedgirl likes. When I'm being dominated, it's usually not them dominating because they're stronger or more technical, it's because I allow it, and want it.

I completely understand your point of view. You would make a great partner.<br />
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