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I am about to marry a man i really love, he has the qualities I always wanted in a man, the controlling aspect the take charge of things , the domination. But unfortuanlty I dont know how to TELL him i want to be totally dominated, submissive to him. I WANT that belittling demanding, tell me what to do, show me ur anger, pin me, choke me, put me up against a wall, show me in ways that im not doing what u want, that he owns me. I have been slowly telling him I want hom to be fully him and in control o fme and my life, but in order to get that domination , like i want, i have been trying to **** him off to his boiling point before he will even dare to pull my hair, put me up against wall , show me how wrong i am. I want the abusive, control domination without the punching just cant figure out how to tell him, "hey I know ur an ******* and thats why i love u, so will u please be an ******* all the time and dominate me 24/7" lmao please someone help me, i really want to marry him in 10 days but I want to be happy to and my frustration is building cuz he does have that soft side which i cant break. I need him to have a backbone all the time 100 % 24/7 be in charge, order me around, and show me anger in eye opening ways, choke me, slap me, slam me up against wall, rape me. make me submissive, show me he OWNS ME thats the guy I know he can be, he just doesnt know i want all that guess i am scared he will think im a freak or something. he likes to have control, but he doesnt do it the way a normal abusive man would, i want that.
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Hi, I'll send jim a letter. Or a mail.... count me in ;-) It's solved! xW