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Again And Again

I want you to undress me
Feel me in details
without haste
I want you to touch me
Run your hands on me
moulding slowly
I want you to kiss me
Taste my body
with madness
I want you to fulfill me
Fire my skin
In long desires
I want you to treat me
Discover my wishes
In a passionate nest
I want you to dominate me
Drive me insane
Again and again
deleted deleted 26-30 19 Responses Oct 7, 2010

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I want you to dominate me<br />
Drive me insane<br />
Again and again<br />
<br />
I'd love this. And after I'd melt into you.

Very passionate TendereyesPrincess Your writing is Very passionate and your style is very uniquely intriguing

Hehehehe you're welcome and thank you ;)

Very sexy. Hmmmmm. I'm gonna give this a go. So let's tango...<br />
<br />
A beautiful rose<br />
still clothed in a robe<br />
lies in a moonlit room<br />
in bed under satin sheets.<br />
Passion walks in nude<br />
and disrobes her.<br />
He smells and caresses her skin<br />
and hair...admiring her beauty..<br />
After several kisses,<br />
the temperature begins to rise...<br />
He becomes what he sees in her eyes...the fire.<br />
Passion thrusts to fulfill her desire...

You had me at 'Again'.

very very nice TP ... sensual and dream-like

No time for blushing. Holding you naked in my arms and carrying you of to make you body one with mine. Putting you on the bed, attacking you with my tongue. Savoring the taste of your love juice, feeling the silk of your skin. I am lustfully attacking you I want you very bad, taste you taste me, I don't just want to penetrate you I want to enter your very soul. I am here to make you mine, have you screaming in ecstasy, yelling for more. When I am finished we will both collapse into each others arms, falling to the sleep of passionate dreams.<br />
<br />
Bare Hugs<br />

After reading this, I want to pick you up and carry you some place where I could ravish your body. You drive my senses wild and I want you to feel what I feel.<br />
<br />
Bare Hugs<br />

Well I am sure I can drive you insane in my own way! You like my music right?

Wow.... I know exactly how you feel!!!

excellent piece - I love the feeling of passion...would love to read more.

gulp, so sensous

Something tells me you act on your words...lucky man you have :)

Ohhhhh Lady! How do you always seem to know what I want and need sooooo badly. Definitely a desire that doesn't seem to go away.

MMMMmmmmm..... lovely.

Mmm yes I want to fulfil your wishes. Nice post Princess. xoxox

I am going to tell Armen about you and your naughty prose

I second djk007's opinion!

Very Sensual indeed...!