Again And Again

I want you to undress me
Feel me in details
without haste
I want you to touch me
Run your hands on me
moulding slowly
I want you to kiss me
Taste my body
with madness
I want you to fulfill me
Fire my skin
In long desires
I want you to treat me
Discover my wishes
In a passionate nest
I want you to dominate me
Drive me insane
Again and again
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15 Responses Oct 7, 2010

I want you to dominate me<br />
Drive me insane<br />
Again and again<br />
<br />
I'd love this. And after I'd melt into you.

Very passionate TendereyesPrincess Your writing is Very passionate and your style is very uniquely intriguing

Hehehehe you're welcome and thank you ;)

Very sexy. Hmmmmm. I'm gonna give this a go. So let's tango...<br />
<br />
A beautiful rose<br />
still clothed in a robe<br />
lies in a moonlit room<br />
in bed under satin sheets.<br />
Passion walks in nude<br />
and disrobes her.<br />
He smells and caresses her skin<br />
and hair...admiring her beauty..<br />
After several kisses,<br />
the temperature begins to rise...<br />
He becomes what he sees in her eyes...the fire.<br />
Passion thrusts to fulfill her desire...

very very nice TP ... sensual and dream-like

Well I am sure I can drive you insane in my own way! You like my music right?

Wow.... I know exactly how you feel!!!

gulp, so sensous

Something tells me you act on your words...lucky man you have :)

Ohhhhh Lady! How do you always seem to know what I want and need sooooo badly. Definitely a desire that doesn't seem to go away.

MMMMmmmmm..... lovely.

Mmm yes I want to fulfil your wishes. Nice post Princess. xoxox

I am going to tell Armen about you and your naughty prose

I second djk007's opinion!

Very Sensual indeed...!