Dominate Me

I have fantasies of being dominated controlled sexually, I want to be tied up spanked and hurt so good. I have yet to find a partner, is there anyone else out there like this I want to hear your experience
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You poor thing. I found a master and its awesome. Good luck I hope you get dominated really good soon!

Sounds like fun to me.

Wow.... v vstubbs..... is your story true? Sounded quite exciting.

I not only have constant fantasies of been rape and painfully sexually tortured, I have also been the top and raped and tortured several females for days one who is me and my wife's servant who to this day when in the house is kept naked and has to walk around with a leg spread bar chained to her ankles and is very very tightly cuffed with multiple professional type hand cuffs. And if she miss behaves, she is gagged has very painful nipple and **** clips and forced into a small dog create with her back arched so we can torture her genitals. I'd we take her out with us she is dressed only in a very thin, white, see through dress no underwear is allowed. She has not had panties or a bra for 4 years. And at last count she has been had several hundred penis inside of her. My wife is an expert at torture with both male and female genitsls

This is such an honest website. People open up to talk about the most open things. I am so shocked!<br />
<br />
p.s. Call me! LOL. no seriously, call me!

I'm a total Dom and my wife loves her sub role! I'd answer any questions you have about that. How to get into it and about alt . com too. It's a great site. We're called Shibaricouple over there. I'll post a story about how we got into it soon.

I have those fantasies too.I have posted some stories about that.My x-wife and I tried it a few times.I loved it...

Its awesome never felt so "luved" just wish it would last forever.

i would like to engage in these sexual journeys with my girlfriend but feel necessary to practice with someone mature enough to endule fully in this process

Hi, I've been their and done There is a web site called that is free to join that is primarily D/s lifestyle, with the right person it is FANTASTIC!! If either of you have any questions please feel free to email me!!

I want this also. I want it from my husband, however. How do you convince a man that being submissive is not a whim but a part of who you are????

there are web sites out there for this with chat rooms to hook up submissives with Dom's. there is also an annual convention in the US. good luck on your search