I wonder why people think being dominated it a bad thing. It sounds so freeing. I think it would be the ultimate in freedom-to have someone else control all those little things in your life that take so much time and energy. to give up all control.  to be Forced to give up all control. makes me wet just thinking about it.
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The only people that think bad about it are those ignorant once that really dont have a clue of what they are talking about. But let me tell you in order to really trully let go and give everything over to somebody else you have to share your darkest secrets, your fears, your insecurities absolutely everything to your master, over time of course. So it is a two sided sword after all, because you make yourself totally vulnerable. So please, choose wisely because your hornyness can turn into pain real quick!!!

And I on the other side enjoy the exchange of power when a women give it up and submits!

I love to force my partner to her knees and force her to take all my meat in. After I had enough I bend her over and grab her hair and anything goes from there. I make her do things she thought were wrong. She says she has never had a orgasome as hard as she does any other way.

Oh baby you are SOOOO wanted!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hubba Hubba... feeling wanted again... heavy sigh :P

Oh sweetie - I wasn't leaving you out!!!!!! It was just such a strange comment that he made that I forgot to mention all my lovely Lady friends that complete our harem. ;)

Odie the shirt is already like a dress... don't need the pants! Oh but thanks for the offer.

Hey Laby what about me? sniffle

strangemale - i'm not really sure what you mean.... I'm talking about my husband and me. We are a 24/7 D/s couple. ... by my choice

Ok - first of all - PLEASE PLEASE can i have a pic of Celann in the school girl outfit!!!!! I'm not into cops but the bustier sounds nice - picts of that too please, split?<br />
... Next - I love that he has that much control. I give it to him. I honestly wish he'd use it more! It's very liberating for me. I don't like those mundane decisioins .... "where do you wanna go for dinner?" "I don't care where do you wanna go?" etc.... I don't have to do that - we go where he wants and that's great cause he knows what I like and don't and doesn't ever go where i hate. i trust him w/ the information and then let him do what he wants with it. I guess i don't explain it well but trust me - it has not torn down our relationship in any way. our bond is very strong.

Yes, I isn't good outside of the the bed room it can build trust but out side it just tears it down.

oooohhhh... I just remembered, I have a cop outfit... whoo hoo... still need to shop for that new bustier... Fredricks here i c^m!!

damn... teasing FL chicki's again.... ggrrr

Lol - just put an ad on craigslist for another woman to play w. LOL - I'm VERY open to that!! :)

... and what about another woman???

I would like him to control ever aspect of my life. from what to wear and what to eat all the way to all that really kinky sexual stuff i love so much. my one NO is concerning other men. i will NOT have sex or do anything w/ another man. other than that - He can do what he wants with me. i obey.

Good, you are learning to ask...I will make you a happy, happy slave.

AAHHH a little bit of both please... let's change it up and play a bit... <br />
<br />
Oh man... shower please...

I like both. I really can't say which I like more...I like the dynamic of being the sexual leader, which seems to be the more natural "position" for me...but I also like sexually aggressive women...but are you talking about other stuff? Like, I am curious, what are the "Little things in life" that you are talking about...this sounds deeper than sexual domination...please elab, Lab.

ok. come here.

just take me...