Passionate Feet

Nikki and Sandi had been friends for a long time. They had shared most things, but recently, during a drunken night out, Sandi had admitted to Nikki that she would love to dominate a man. Nikki sat back and listened to her explain how she fantasized about tying a man up and having him at her mercy. "Prety weird stuff huh" her friend mumbled, blushing. "Not at all" Nikki smiled "I think we might be able to do something about your fantasies" she replied, and they began planning for the big day.

THe day had come. Sandi couldn't beleive that she was actually going to perform her fantasy, for real. She had driven to Nikki's house and changed there, into a very sexy see through black bra and panty set, with black sheer holdup stockings and 6" red stiletto shoes. She paces around the room, looking at the bench in the center, where her victim would lay, and trembled with fear and excitement.

Nikki approached the door, holding the lead in her hand. She opened the door quietly and walked into the room. She was dressed in a black nylon see through bra, with sheer navy blue tights and 4" black leather heels. Her panties had been discarded in the bedroom when she had changed. Hehind her, attached to the lead by a leather collar was a naked man, and Sandi's mouth dropped open at the site. Until now she hadn't quite beleived that it would happen.

John, Nikki's chosen victim, was still blindfolded as she guided him to the bench and made him stand with his arms be his side. She then picked up a large roll of cling film and indicated to Sandi to help her. Carefully, starting at his shoulders they bound his arms tightly to his body, working slowly down to his groin, encasing him tightly in plastic wrap. Finally the reached his ankles, leaving his **** and balls exsposed for their enjoyment. Nikki then gently helped him onto the bench and laid him face up, before more cling film was applied arond him and the bench, to hold him imobile and at their complete mercy.

Nikki removed the blindfold ans spoke to her blinking slave. "This is Mistress Sandi. You are to be honoured with her ministrations today. Don't disappoint me slave". Sandi walked slowly toward the bench, her heart pounding in her chest, her eyes fixed on the small but erect **** poking up in the air. Her fingers reached out and gripped the hot meat firmly, and she pulled the foreskin back to reveal the sensitive head. Slowly she placed her red varnished thumbnail on the glistening head and scraped the across it, letting the nail sink into the pee hole as it crossed it. Nikki smiled as he winced, and reached down to remove one of her heels. She lifted the shoe to his face, she could smell the sweaty aroma from where she stood. Firmly, she placed the shoe over his nose and held it firmly ans Sandie began to rub his ****, slowly, milking rivulets of precum from it. "Deep breaths slave. Smell my feet, aren't they gorgeous" Nikki whispered, as she heard John taking deep breaths though his nose.

Nikki gathered up some cling film and wrapped the shoe tight against Johns nose, then as an extra insurance wrapped around his mouth so that he could only breath in through his nose, and enjoy her essence. Sandi couldn't believe what was happening, but she was getting more and more excited as the **** in her hand began to tense. Quickly she pulled her shoe off and placed it under his ****, just in time to catch the first spurt of hot sticky ***** in her shoe. She carried on rubbing Johns **** watching the pulses of ***** getting weaker and smaller, she caught every last drop in her shoe and picked it up to take a closer look. The milky globs of ***** coated the instep on her shoe, and with a smile she placed the shoe on the floor and slowly placed her nylon clad foot inside. The ***** was warm and sticky on her toes and she wriggled them through the puddle as she slid her foot back inside the shoe.

John was struggle to no avail on the bench, and Sandi realised that she was still rubbing his sensitive ****, long after she had milked his load from him. She laughed and rubbed her thumb across the head watching him try to pull away, but it was no use. She pulled her other shoe off and placed it under his ****. "You're going nowhere, until I get another good load slave." Sandi growled. Nikki held her shoe hard on his writhing face and laughed. Sandi would be great fun to work with, she felt sure.

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Excellent. I would give anything to experience this.