Tie Me Use Me Rape Me Degrade Me

I have wanted to be dominated by a woman since i was small threw out my teenage years i always looked for the dominant bully type women to start a relationship wit in hope that they would dominate me but so far in life it has never been a success i found every woman i got wit that i taught to be dominant was bitchy out side the bedroom and useless in the bedroom i'm 30 now and haun't experienced total dominance and i dont think that would ever happen wit the girl i'm with now and soon to mary i crave all the time for a dom to the me to a chair and smother me wit a clear plastic bag till i struggle to breath and repeat the procedure over and over again holding the bag on longer and longer till i pass out or while being tied to the bed she sit on my chest and blow smoke in my face or smother me wit her wet **** or *** or even **** on my face or stuff like that i'd also love her to dress me as a gimp and let her and who ever do as they wish to me whether it be **** my *** or fist me or force a **** down my throat and make me swallow all these nice and nasty things i wish to get done and more like watch my mistress **** and ****** while i'm tied to a chair watching her get pleasure and not being able to join in or even **** looking at her i'd love her to degrade me calling me a useless worthless good for nothing ***** and so on would turn me on something shocking if there should be any dom lady from athlone ireland reading this and would like to use me and abuse me please dont hesitate in contacting me would love to be your slave or gimp
Fistmybum Fistmybum
31-35, M
Jul 9, 2012