In A Fun And Sex Way!

It's always been my fantasy for my lover to walk through the door of our home and just devour me very passionately and aggressively. I submit to him because I am overwhelmed by his desire for me and I am truly turned on. But yes, I'd like for him to take the lead and ravage me.
SexyBaBe31 SexyBaBe31
31-35, F
3 Responses Jul 24, 2012

mmmmmmmmm that so fun

Wonderful adventures await

OK, it's a nice start but how would you like to be taken?<br />
how far are you willing to go? and what are you willing to make available to him?

How far I am willing to go depends on the person and how turned on I am! With the right guy I'm willing to push my boundaries. That's kind of what I want. Someone to dominate me and push me into things I would have never dreamed of trying.