My Curiosity Has Been Piqued...

So I'm sure I'm not the only one who has read Fifty Shades of Grey (well, I'm in the process, anyway), and it has greatly piqued my interest in a D/s relationship and what it's really like. I know I should do some research, but I feel that real-life examples and/or descriptions could be more helpful. I'm extremely submissive by nature, and find something erotic, desirable, about being dominated... Any advice? I really appreciate it! :3
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I have a few stories about me and my wifes experiences. Feel free to read them. DP

The erotic exchange between two people is different for each pair I would assume. The man who dominates me likes to pin my arms down with his hands while he takes me. When he penetrates me deep and hears me scream he pulls my hair so my head comes back. He uses his hands but never leaves marks. He loves to dirty talk calling me his ****. He pinches my nipples and slaps my *****. He also tells me I am beautiful and holds me in his arms afterwards. I have never experienced anything like this before .. He is amazing . He is in complete control and **** when he chooses.. He is an experience.

I know what kind of things arouse me - like being held down, tied, told what to do, clawing, biting, etc. - but I've never really had a relationship that I felt comfortable enough in to explore those things. I'm not so into the very dirty talk, like being called a ****. Is it possible to find somebody who also has kind of the same boundaries as I do, or that will respect them? I want to explore this lifestyle, but I'm afraid of finding the wrong dominant who will end up hurting me.