My Short Stories By Me Bit ****** Be Warned Im Practicing

Im on my knees naked with my hands on my lap , Master is stood in front of me staring Blanche at me through his beady blue eyes. He gathers my hair beneath his hands and pulls my head back so my eyes are level with his . He kisses me sweetly on the cheek followed by smaller ones over towards my lips, we lock our tongues massaging one and other over and over , the feeling is sensational , i want to explode i have never felt this way before ...........His hand moves slowly down my spine touching my bare flesh and down to my backside caressing me as we kiss. My nipples harden with the desire as he fondles me and forcing my head back to his level. I lay down on the hard floor cold beneath me as he skims my body with his fingers, my hands are now above my head as he teases me trailing more kisses all over my breasts slowly nuzzling my nipples between his lips and pulling them between his teeth ..... im intoxicated ........ sliding down my body he spreads my legs vigorously ,one finger manoeuvring over my clitoris , entering his finger inside me i squeal in pride as he makes love to me with his hand .

AnnahSubmissivecumslut212 AnnahSubmissivecumslut212
26-30, F
Jul 31, 2012