Gagged And Bound

With a former lover I would spend days sometimes tied spread eagle to the bed. He'd blindfold,gag, and stuff both holes. Then he'd come and go to work and use me when he was home. I can hold still awhile without being tied but I end up begging for help keeping myself spread open. I also like riding in the car with the seat laid back my shirt over my head covering my face and my pants to my ankles. Even better if it's cold out and the windows are down
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3 Responses Sep 12, 2012

I had a boyfriend that I would go stay with and he would leave me bound, gagged and stuffed while he went to work sometimes too. Other times he locked me in a dog cage with one of those ball gags that has tiny padlocks so you can't take it off

Oh I actually spend a good part of every day gagged actually

He's going to be so pent up when he gets out I don't think you'll be untied for a week honey! Lol

would love to take you for a drive someday

nice, would love to clamp your nipples and ***** lips, while you are tied up and then **** you in all your holes with all sorts of things, finishing with my **** and *** in your mouth