Public Bondage

A few years ago there was this girl that liked to play with me. She was good at being cruel and I loved it. Once she showed up at a party I was hosting and made me get naked in front of my guests. Then she tied me to a recliner chair with my head in the seat and my legs spread hanging over the back. I really didn't know what she had planned and was a little scared. She used a big ***** on me with everyone cheering her on. When my ***** got dripping wet she took the ***** and shoved it deep in my throat. Holding it there and using duct tape to keep secure it in. She wrapped the tape around and around my head covering my eyes and ears. She then took a sharpie pen and wrote ***** across my belly laughing the whole time. Then she dared anyone to help me and left the party. Throughout the night people used me anyway they could. Sucking and biting my **** and ***** leaving lots of red and bruised marks. At times there were fingers from several people in my holes at once. The ***** in my throat would get pushed further in making me gag hard and someone filled my ***** with ice cubes. This went on for hours...till morning
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9 Responses Sep 12, 2012

damn....wish I was at that party

I have a fantasy for tying up a girl who can't deepthroat and then throatfucking her extremely hard, completely ignoring her response. You seem to have lived through it from the other side. Have you ever had the feeling you were forced to deepthroat too hard?

Friends are important in helping you have fun.

That would have been one heck of a party to attend.

That's quite a party! So, the public humiliation gets you off? I think I like that!

I like to tell my girl the things I will do to her in public. But it never goes any further than talking about it. I know she likes to expose in public, since we have done that. And she says that, pretty much, she'll do whatever I want. She has nipple clamps that she loves too. Hmmm. I'm getting some ideas.

you are one naughtyyy *** **** arien;t you sexy ??

yes your a total *** **** u so want to use you for my pleashure

Hmmmmmm so hot!

Women are always the cruelest aren't they?

Like I said "hysterical when it's not me"

Oh what fun! This is the kind of thing that falls under the category of "hysterical when it's not me" ha ha! That's not to say I haven't been used as a party favor myself

damn sounds like an awesome party