Slave Life

If again I find myself with no master the next time I hope I can find someone to take me away to keep me for his use. ******** of my clothes,kept silent with gags or **** in my throat at all times. ****** by strangers everyday. Sold for gang bangs. Every man tattooing his name on my body covering me a little at a time. Pierced and always wearing weights or locks to disform my *****. Hooked daily to strong breast pumps and fed hormones to produce plenty of milk for me to feed other starvinggirls. A life of real slavery...
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Hmm...interesting yet also slightly disorienting...I don't think I could be into slavery. I'm not a very sexual person, and I rarely get turned on by things. I think I'd be just plain miserable in slavery but it's interesting hearing reasons for enjoyment from a masochist. I'm studying psychology, and this certainly says a lot...

Well. You and I are very different people, although your explanation does make sense. Glad to hear you enjoy your relations with others.

here i am lonelyfawn.....

Wow, I've never thought of doing that but I would try with you.

Wow! You paint a pretty picture.

Mmmmm! I'd love to be part of a huge bukakke crew, shooting our loads in your face, especially your gorgeous eyes, and gang banging your beautiful slit and *******! XXXOOO

i have 50 men gang, ia m interested in you



Friend me and we may be able to work something out, that you may REALLY like, and even long for...

Do it soon - ya hear!!

Sounds like you enjoy your life, so good for you! I'd love to be added to your friends list please?

Very hot

Even a gay man such as myself would like to help you.

any luck so far pretty girl?

You meet me on your knees at the door. Your head down, hands held high with the end of your leash for me to take. I grab the leash and pull your face into my crotch. You moan and say than you sir, welcome home. I grab some clamps and place them on your nipples. These have little bells on them and I like to hear where you are. I push you back down on all four and lead you to the kitchen. I see that your food bowl is empty, so I cut up an apple and put it in your dish. I pull a steak out of the refrigerator and set it on the stove. I say you may eat, then cook my steak. Be a good girl while I shower.
I pat you *** and run my hand through your wet *****. You get so wet when I come home. Make your bells ring, as I play with my *****.
You begin swing your **** back and forth as I work one two three fingers in and out of your dripping *****. I add a thumb in your *** and soon you are rocking back and forth forcing my fingers deeper into you. I feel you getting close to ******* and I pull my hands away. You cry out and begin to reach down and I slap your hand away and say not yet, friends are comin over later and I want you frustrated and begging to ***, offering to do anything to ***. Eat and make my food. I get up and go shower as you bury your face in the bowl and eat your apple.

Just do what your told, not a bad life

love your story and would love to have you as my slave

Get on your knees now you lil sub **** ! open your pretty mouth ! i need you to please now my pet ! please me well and you will get a reward ~!

Where is all submissive girls?, looking for someone interested to be mine

i need to give you a slave collar

i would love to be your sister and join you

you and me both

thanks josy

Add me, and we'll discuss potential and possibility......

wish i could be your MASTER

well with your pretty face you will have someone very soon vinny

Lets get together and set something up

exactly what I look for in a slave....

mmm... this story is not just's ******* epic!

Want to come live with us? Lol

That is!

WOW my dream slave