I Love To Dominate....

I'm a switch, I enjoy being dominated.... The feeling of giving up your power to someone else is horrifyingly pleasurable. Terrifying yet wonderful.

However, I've lately discovered I enjoy dominating as well. The feeling of over powering people in the bedroom who otherwise would over power me (a sweet, shy nerdy girl) elsewhere is almost toxic.

Hehehe, it's safe to say. I have discovered a very different side to my personality ;)
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Switch can be fun on occasion.

I am available to you any time you want.Edel

it would be interesting to be dominated by you. Edel

That is really awesome lol I couldn't Dom if my life depended on it..
Hope you enjoy this new found part of yourself to the fullest

I would be glad to dominate you and be your master

u can dom me anytime

I'd love to know more. . . add me?

Oh good for you! I love hearing about when someone discovers a new exciting side that they want to explore. Something about a cute but nerdy domme.... is thrilling.

hehehe, apparently it's much more exciting because it is completely unexpected. Or so I've been told. :P

Unexpected that you like to domme because of what people know about you? Or because you're cute but nerdy...

Because I'm shy, cute and nerdy. In a crowd I don't stand out or speak out. So to take on a stern dominant role....is unexpected hehe

So have you been able to act out with your new role yet? Do some bossing around? LOL... swinging the paddle?

hehehe a very little ;D :D hope to try some more :)

Well practice makes perfect... just fine a willing partner!

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I envy switches. You have endless possibilities for play. Its great you found that new side of you and can have fun with it. :)

Hehe, I'm very glad I've found this...other side to me hehe
It does open up possibilities.

Always good to discover a different part of yourself. Be it philosophically, intellectually, sexually. Or any other way that ends in -ally.

Either way, good for you.

Thank you :)