Bondage Play

Friday night. Kids are home and awake. It’s only 7. He gets out the rope we bought at Wal-mart. Cuts it. And cuts it again. Smaller pieces. I have to check on the boys. Baby in bed, big one playing w/ his sis and her friend. Everybody ok. Back to bedroom. Rope tied to 4 corners of bed. Smiles. I know there will be interruptions – shall we continue? He leaves and comes back in. No interruptions. “Take off your pants and lay down on your back.” I think that my hands will be tied to the headboard so I hold them up. Nope- not so easy. My thighs are to the headboard – my ankles to the foot. (Think about that – think of what my legs must do.) My muscles are quaking. Quivering. I can’t hold this – I can’t keep my legs like this. What about my hands??? They are not tied. I must keep them still – they are not to touch. “I’m leaving now” The devastation in my eyes must have been clear. He walks away but doesn’t leave. Thank G-d. The teasing begins. He licks me. Oh yes. More… please more… no… he’s way too turned on… the ropes are long – the ends are loose. He spanks me with them… hitting my thighs and my very wet *****. Then, he notices my ****. With the ends of the headboard ropes he pulls my nipple up hard. Then wraps the rope around the base to keep it up. It hurts. He ties it tighter. Then the other – he has me pull it up by the nipple – harder – higher. Then on go the nipple clamps. The pain is intense. He loves it. The look in my eyes. He can’t keep on. He whips me again. He has to **** me now. Hard. The movement causes one of the clamps on my nipple to come off – OH! Blood. Yes, blood on my nipple – he licks it off and puts the clamp back on. Harder – he pounds me harder. I want to scream. The pillow is on my face. I bite it. Harder. I scream. The pillow is pushed down to muffle the sounds. Harder. Harder. OMG I think I might die. My ****** astounds me. He ****. Oh G-d. he collapses on me. My legs – oh my legs – please – release me now.

He does and we cuddle and talk. I can’t walk. He gets me a muscle relaxer and we lay together talking. He feels bad for the blood. The bruises. I don’t. I love him all the more for the wonderful Master he is becoming. It’s getting better and better – each day. Each day I love him more than the last.

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9 Responses May 21, 2007

Wow - you make me feel a a newbie to BDSM.

Wonder if you enjoy being caned and what colour you like your butt to be after punishment . Would a wheal showing a little blood turn you on or off?

Beautiful and Real. Thank You

wow, just love it!!! :)

my name is Bahar i want humiliate my boyfriend and dominated him can you suggest me ?


Thats the dirtiest thing ive ever heared. *prints*

Tasty, Honest..Raw an of course,<br />
to one like me infinately appealing..Kudos<br />

i think i need a cold shower... ;)

Congrats! Its a great thing - allowing that much trust and control isn't it? I'm looking forward to my next session with the wife this weekend......