Complete Submission = Total Trust

I personally view sex as a beautiful, spiritual expression of love. And nothing could make that expression deeper, in my opinion, than completely turning yourself, body, mind and soul, over to your partner. Allowing them to possess you and have control over your body is showing your total trust and reliance in the person you're with. 
I love my boyfriend very much, and though he knows that enjoy being submissive, getting spanked, being restrained, I think he is reluctant to incorporate these things into our lives. We enjoy doing these things occasionally, but I would prefer if it was a little more often.
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The person i'm with is the only person i've been able to tell that i want to be controlled by her. We've only done a hand full of things but i would love to have it all the time.

you are so lucky to have that person to TRUST...i learned the hard way that is the most important word besides your safe word ..Since i do not share this experience with my worst half..i have tried and had a very bad experience....everything was fine and then was just left out and unable to almost to find my way back..for some reason still seems to have a hold of my soul..but the TRUST i will never get back fully.. i really wanted to try again ..unless i get my soul and trust back fully i cant do this..i guess i let my self down when i got in too deep.. being inexperienced he really took advantage and stole everything from me.. love and enjoy all of it and again you are very lucky to have what you do.. and your words really struck me when i read this..felt every word for all it was worth.... thank you for sharing... :)

With trust and love the relationship and grows. I continue to show my Master the love he wants and that I am a very happy sub and he responds by becoming a stronger Master and taking more and more control. I love it all. We communicate well and that makes him feel like he can be the Master he wants to be. We trust each other and its beautiful

Trust is huge in Dom/sub relationships. I mean you're a sub tied up and possibly blindfolded and whatever other fun things your Dom has cooked up. How could it be enjoyable if he broke your trust either by going way too far (a little pushing of the boundaries into kinkier is expected) or not respecting your safe word or whatever it is that you feel is a trust line. Our subs deserve the best care, unless they've been bad in which case... ;-)

As the others said give him time. I wondered if I was wanting more than he wanted but it was just that he never wants to push me. He wants to know I'm giving myself over to him freely and the more I do that the more power he takes.

I agree give him time and let him realize that he is not hurting you. There is a great very informative website for him to read up on if he so choses, Its a great sight and would be fun for both of you to explore, if you have never been there, ENJOY!!

love = complete submission = total trust... to feel his love... desire for more of you

I agree, sas. Things have begun to progress more quickly as he sees that it's something i enjoy. Each session he is becoming more dominate. it's great. ..... So allow him to take the time to be the Master he is meant to be. It will come out. :)

Its difficult for some men to get past the idea that they may be hurting the person they live. Keep it up, and slowly get him to do more and more. He needs to trust not only you and that this is what you really want, but also himself in that he is not hurting you.