Bad Girl

As me and my Master do not live together it is sometimes hard to do what we want fully. Master has been talking recently about getting a hotel room as he feels i need a proper punishment and wants to use my body for his pleasure. He completely owns my entire body and it is my job to make sure he is pleased fully.

Tonight Master came to my house and when he arrived i greeted him. When he walked in he started kissing me deeply. One hand tangled in my hair and the other squeezing my ****, pinching my nipples and squeezing my ***. To top it off his hands were freezing!!! As we were kissing he walked me over to the living room. I thought we were going to continue our kiss on the couch...i was so wrong. As we got to the chair he suddenly turned me around my back toward him and he bent me over the chair pulled down my pants and started spanking me. He gave me a good 10 smacks alternating from one cheek to the other without saying a word. After the 10 blows my *** was stinging Master pulled my hair so my face was at his level "who owns you" he said "You do sir" and he hit me...really hard. By instinct i grabbed his hand to stop him from hitting me again and as i did it i knew i was wrong. "Let go of my hand" he said in a deep commanding voice. "I'm sorry sir it was an accident i didn't mean to..." "You know not to disobey me and thats going to cost you, count" "One, two, three, four..." I could feel my *** turning a darker shade of red "Five, six, seven..." I had to hold a pillow to keep my hands from grabbing his again. Master pulled on my hair to keep me from squirming, (i knew the last three would be even harder) "Eight, nine, ten..." Master whispered into my ear "This is just the beginning!"

I know my punishment is far from over...
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1 Response Jan 7, 2013

Mmmm, love the visual. Such a good slave. Please do tell about the rest of punishment.