Ordered To Confess My Disobedience

My Master has ordered me on many many occasions that i am not allowed to *** without his permission. Master is ordering me to write about what happened last night in full details as i disobeyed him and cummed without permission. Since recently being on this site i have been reading many many stories and a lot of them have really turned me on. There was one story that i was reading last night and it made me soo horny t hat i started to touch myself. I ended up making myself *** not only once but twice disobeying my Master's order's. I confessed to him what i did and he is very very disappointed in me. I know i made a mistake and i have apologized many times today but he keeps telling me that i am in HUGE trouble. I know i will get punished however i do not know what my punishment is going to be...i know it will not be a good one. Don't know when he is going to punish me as we do not live together but i know i made a big mistake and that my punishment will not be easy. To Master I am extremely sorry and this will never happen again. Love your ****.
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Jan 8, 2013