I Want To Be Dominated By A Young Girl

I am a 46 year old man; outwardly respectable and .... normal, dare I say ! But I crave more and more to be made weak, to be made to know I am useless, worthless, pathetic and to be used, abused and humiliated by a much younger girl. I think it is the humiliation of being controlled by someone younger, perhaps physically weaker and far less experienced in life. I want ... no, I need, ... to be degraded, verbally, mentally, physically and sexually.

I dream, almost daily, of being forced to parade naked in front of her friends as they laugh, spit at me, make fun of me and physically assault me; I crave vile verbal abuse, name calling, toilet use, forced exposure, dressing up and ************ for her entertainment and to be used for her service, physically and in any other way. The thought of being taunted with young beauty of which I am not worthy is so exciting to me.

It seems the only way I can truly feel satisfied and as if I have achieved something and am good at something .... is if I am abused and in the service of another.

Would love to hear from you out there. Feed my cravings please. I feel so perverted ... but uit is all that satisfies me.
time66 time66
41-45, M
Jan 20, 2013