I fantasize about me and my wife being imprisoned by a dominatrix. Over the space of several days we are kept in separate cages - wearing slave collars and chains and skimpy leather outfits. Our mistress controls our every action. She instructs us on how to have sex with each other and punishes us if we do not meet her expectations. She makes us pleasure her, one at a time while the other watches, bound and helpless.

When we get too dirty, she takes us to a large shower room. We stand ten feet apart, our wrists shackled to brackets in the ceiling. Warm jets of water from several shower heads spray over our naked bodies. Two boys enter with buckets of soapy water and sponges. They lather up and rub every inch of my wife's quivering body. Meanwhile, two girls come to me and do the same.

I see one of the boys push his large, throbbing penis into my wife's *****, just as I feel one of the girls wrap her leg around my waist and engulf my aching **** with the velvet warmth of her tight ****.
craigallenhubby craigallenhubby
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Hot fantasy,hot story!!