I want my husband to dominate me totally for one night, just walk up to me in the evening tell me to get naked and in the bedroom. Have him enter the bedroom as I am just finishing undressing and tilt me over the bed and spank me a few times for not moving fast enough. Then I want him to handcuff my hands behind my back, followed by nipple clamps. I then want him to push me down on my knees and suck his **** for a couple mins then stand me up back over the bed and put his fingers down my ***** petting, touching, feeling, and then fingering. As he discovers that I am wet spanks my ***** several times making me cry out each time in beautiful agony. Now he tells me to get on my knees again and puts a spreader bar between my legs and blindfolds me then tells me to suck his **** until he says. He **** in my mouth knowing that I don't like it grabs my hair and tells me to swallow and lick him clean. He now bends me back over the bed and puts a gag ball in my mouth, then proceeds to spank my *** til it is bright red. Now running his hands up and down my legs and my back side he rubs and scratchs my body. Suddenly I feel a cold rush on my *** and he is quickly lubing it up and soon I feel a finger go inside me I shiver in ecstasy and he pushes a butt plug into me. Finally he gives my ***** some attention and rubs, fingers, spanks, and teases me I can barely hold on and begging to *** the best I can thru the ball gag. He pulls back after taunting me for several minutes and pulls off the nipple clamps rubs my breasts and sucks on my nipples I cry out in pleasurable pain wanting more and him to stop all at the same time. Jump he says and I don't understand he swats my *** and says jump til I tell you to stop and if you drop that butt plug I'll ram my **** into you til I *** in you. Squeezing my *** as hard as I can I begin to jump and it hurts so bad my **** are so very sensitive because of the nipple clamps. He begins to whip me and quickly it ends, he instructs me to get down on my knees and he pushes my head to the floor. He chooses now to enter me and tells me if I *** before he tells me I'll be punished. I can feel my body shaking trying hard not to ***, but I want to so very bad he grabs my hair and pulls my body up against his and plays with my breasts while he pushes into me deeper and deeper. *** now he demands and I can't because I've been trying so hard not to and he sqeezes my nipples one last time and I release with an earth shattering ****** just as I finish he pushes me back over and gently pulls out the butt plug and says I hope you ready to do that again he pushes his **** into my *** and then inserts my magic bullet into my ***** and before I know it I'm ******* again.
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2 Responses Jan 21, 2013

You have put words to my fantasy's!! This was a great story.

Oh, god, you are a marvelous woman! Why not try this on your next birthday?

Get the toys and equipment ready, leave a note telling what you want him to do on the dining room table, and be kneeling naked on your bed waiting for him.

Then tell us all about it.

Or get another man to help as I did with my wife. She loved every second of it