I Desire To...

I love to be dominated in bed. I love it when the guy spanks me really hard, pulls my hair, pins me to the bed taking me as rough and hard as possible, calls me dirty names and makes me beg for more. It turns me on so much when he is the boss and has total control over me that will do almost everything to please him.
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10 Responses Feb 8, 2013

Oh I totally hear you! It turns me on to no limit when my Dom calls me his dirty **** in bed. Just be careful her doesn't treat you like this when it's non sexual.

My wife and I are both slaves to Michael.

I would love this x

Me too! I love it when guys pin me, and call me their dirty little *****, and make me beg for them to **** me. Mmm!

Love it!

Your the answer to my prayers. if only i had such a girl near meeeeeeeeeeee

Okay aside from everybody instantly jumping to a dirty comment, (geez by the way guys), what turns you on about it?

too bad I don't know who you are, you've gained serious points...

Then lets get going.....

Just what I love to do.