Need To Be Dominated?

I have read a few of the stories here written by females and all I have found of them was utter bullshit. What women who claims to have a need and desire to be dominated, bot make an attempt to be with that kind of man? I luagh at a few of these stories on here with a lot of comments of desperate men wanting to please these women. How can you be a dominant male and thencater to these attention ******. "I want to be dominanted" well sure the title of this group, they want to, but will never go through with it. Not the true submissives that is.
Warbandit Warbandit
26-30, M
3 Responses May 28, 2013

maybe these men like to dominate and to be dominated as well? u can be into both..

I am submissive, really. No bullshit.

Don't be offended, but your young and very lucky to be so sure of yourself. But experience tells me that not everyone has the same experience, others prefer to mature into their kink, a logical progression - who is anyone to judge?